I Tried All Of McDonald’s Mcflurries So That You Don’t Have To


The Oreo McFlurry is McDonald’s first and bestselling McFlurry flavor. Even with new flavors, it is still very popular. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Weld) 

In 1997, McDonald’s introduced a new menu item, the McFlurry. The McFlurry was Oreo flavored and is still on the menu today. A few years later, the M&M McFlurry was born. Then on September 16, 2020, the franchise released a new flavor, the Chips Ahoy McFlurry. 

The Oreo McFlurry, which is the original, consists of vanilla soft serve ice cream and crushed Oreos. The cookie pieces add a nice crunch to the McFlurry, and it tastes like cookies and cream ice cream, but even better. Overall, I rate it a 10/10 because both the texture and taste are excellent.  

The M&M also has vanilla ice cream, but is made with mini M&Ms instead of Oreos.  While the M&Ms are a nice addition, the ice cream makes them become harder and the M&M coloring melts. Overall, I rate it a 7/10 because while it tastes good, the M&Ms worsen the texture. Also, the McFlurry becomes an ugly grey-brown color after the M&Ms melt.  

The new Chips Ahoy McFlurry has the typical vanilla ice cream base but also includes caramel and pieces of the Chips Ahoy cookie.  Overall I rate this a 9/10 because the caramel adds a whole new flavor to the Mcflurry, and the hot caramel contrasts the cold ice cream nicely.  

All McFlurries are good in their own way, but the original never gets old.  The price of these varies by location, but at the McDonald’s on Creedmoor Road a snack-size (smaller than regular) McFlurry costs $2.69 after tax, and the regular size costs $3.49. They are a bit pricey, but for a good treat these McFlurries are worth it!

Fast Facts About the McFlurry

  1. The McFlurry is served with a plastic spoon that has a hollow handle because the handle attaches to a piece of the McFlurry machine, which stirs the components together.  
  2. The narrow design of the cup and lid was changed when people realized hedgehogs would often get their heads trapped in the lids of McFlurry cups left outside, as they tried to get into the leftover ice cream. 
  3. In 1997 when the McFlurry first came out, other flavors available at the time were Heath, Nestle Crunch, and Butterfinger.



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