Which is Better: Dogs or Cats?


This dog and the cat are both part of the Weld family. They are both very special to the family and loved. (Photo Courtesy of Isabel Weld)

Many people own pets; the most common being either a cat, a dog, or both.  The topic of which animal one should get has been debated for a long time now, so I decided to survey Leesville students to see which one they ultimately prefer. 

On a social media poll of about 20 LRHS students, about 89% of people preferred dogs. When people were asked why they chose dogs, one student, Evelyn Dyer, texted: “dogs bc 1. More variety (size, squish, etc) 2. More affectionate.”  

Another (dog lover) said via text, “Dogs because cats don’t do anything.”  

Some people, however, preferred cats. Brianna Hucke said via text, “I prefer cats bc there [sic] so cute and cuddly and super fun to play with.”  

When asked about the pros and cons of owning each, most people agreed that cats were better because they were lower maintenance, required less attention, did not have to be let out of the house often, and are more affordable.  As for dogs, various students like being able to take dogs more places, they are more trainable, and the owner does not have to clean out a litter box.

Both cats and dogs are excellent pets, and while most prefer dogs, there is no “better” pet.  What is best for an individual depends on their preferences and factors like money, time, and need.


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