What do students do during lunch?

Activities such as the senior parade are made possible due to the 2-hour lunch period scheduled with online school this year. Students use this lunch time to complete a multitude of things such as homework, workouts, or spending time with friends. (photo courtesy of Abigail Mabe)

This year, students have a 2-hour lunch break. Third period ends at 11:10 and fourth begins at 1:10, allowing students plenty of time to meet for clubs, do homework, or other productive means of education and learning. 

“During lunch, I usually cook and eat my lunch, do homework, and drive out to replenish my stock of Diet Dr. Pepper,” said James Bunton, student at Leesville Road High School via text. 

However, some students may not be using this time how the teachers and administrators planned they would. Other students use their time for their own personal productivity, such as working out or working on goals they want to achieve during their extra fee time. They could also just use that time as a relaxing transition and break from looking at the screen all day. 

“Sometimes I run or workout during lunch, sometimes I do homework, and sometimes play the piano or video games,” said Ethan Ply, student at Leesville Road High School via text. 

No matter what each student decides to do, there have been very few complaints about this extended lunch period. “I love having a 2 hour lunch so that I can catch up on all the work in the first 3 periods I have and get them done by the end of lunch. I usually work on homework or study for my next class, sometimes I grab lunch with a friend depending on my work load,” said Claire Theunissen, LRHS student via text.

It seems most students are still being productive during this 2-hour lunch, whether it is personal productivity or educational productivity. This 2-hour lunch period is especially helpful during online learning because extended screen time can cause harm to the eyes and head and it takes extra time to complete online assignments than usual in-person ones. 

Although the 2-hour lunch is often used for either social interactions or to get things done, it can also be used to catch up on sleep, something AP students are in dire need of. 

“The one thing I’m not in love with is that I have just enough time during lunch to feel comfortable taking a nap. Then, when I wake up from that nap for my 4th, i’m always groggy and tired from the nap,” wrote Bunton.


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