Trump and COVID-19: A Twisted Affair


U.S. President Donald J. Trump at his desk in the Oval Office signing papers on December 21, 2018. Donald Trump has been President since January 20, 2017. (Photo used by permission of the White House)

President Donald Trump has had to tackle the world’s worst pandemic, COVID-19. Since its emergence in the United States in February, he’s played the virus down intentionally, even calling it a hoax, until the virus found him on October 1, 2020.

Some would say Trump catching the Coronavirus was a long time coming since the President has been holding indoor rallies that have most likely cost the life of his friend Herman Cain. He also has not been wearing a mask as the CDC recommends and not quarantining after learning he’s been in contact with many people who have the Coronavirus.

Much of the public, including myself, had been perplexed that Donald Trump has ignored every possible precaution and restriction to defend against the Coronavirus and was still seemingly healthy. 

The New York Times notification of Trump contracted the virus, both shocked, concerned, and intrigued me.

The news shocked me because, after nine months and over 200,000 Americans dead, Donald Trump has finally come down with the virus. The President has been walking around, seemingly showing off his heightened sense of invincibility, leading many to think he was truly immune to the virus. 

The notification concerned me because, like it or not, he’s the President of the United States. It’s a massive risk of national security to have the president sick with a deadly virus. 

Lastly, his positive result intrigued me because, as I have stated previously, he’s downplayed it and called it a hoax. Now, having caught it, it will be fascinating to see what he was going to say. 

And he did not disappoint. 

In a video released from the Walter Reed Hospital on Sunday, he announced he was getting better. “This is the real school,” Trump said in a video. “This isn’t the let’s read the book school, and I get it. And I understand it.”

Whether he genuinely understands the severity of the Coronavirus is doubtful.

Just a few hours before Trump tweeted the video, he took a ride in his presidential motorcade to see the crowds gathered outside of the hospital with a few Service Officers.

Usually, this would be a typical Trump fashion, soaking up the admiration of his supporters. But this time, it is hazardous.

The SUV used in the presidential motorcade has seals on the windows to protect against chemical attacks. All the outside particles don’t enter the car, meaning Trump’s Coronavirus-ridden breath was floating around inside the vehicle with the Secret Service agents. 

Twitter was in an uproar in concern over the Secret Service Agents’ safety in the car.

I understand Secret Service Agents are supposed to protect the President from anyone putting him in danger, but what if the President himself is causing others harm? 

On Monday, Trump tweeted about his release from Walter Reed at 6:30 P.M. Indeed, he left the hospital and returned to the White House waving from the Oval Office’s balcony, although he was seemingly struggling to breathe. 

The President seemed to be in high spirits and eager to get back to his duties as President of the United States even though he may not be out of the woods due to the virus’s nature. 

Since Trump is 74 years old and medically obese, he’s at a higher risk of dying of COVID-19, and cases have shown the virus can take a complete 180 in the second week.

Although, with his expert care that no other American receives, that was highly unlikely. 

On October 6, Trump was in fair medical condition and back to work as usual and recovering from COVID-19.

On October 10, the President’s physician said the President is not contagious anymore and can go back on the campaign trail. 

Trump held a rally in Florida on October 12, his first extensive public event since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. 

He was back to his usual talking points: Former President Barack Obama was spying on his campaign and making fun of Joe Biden’s socially-distanced campaign events.

Although he sounded hoarse, he held a standard campaign rally and seemed to be back to action. 

America has its Commander-In-Chief back, and in this hectic world, this is the best we can hope for. 


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