What is Among Us?


The game Among Us has recently reached its peak in popularity. With imposters, sabotages, and different tasks it is easy to see why people find it so entertaining. (Photo courtesy- Amelia Collado)

People have recently been obsessed with mobile and PC game Among Us. The game was first released in June of 2018 but has recently gained popularity again. This spike in popularity is partly due to creators posting content of themselves playing it on social media platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, and Youtube. 

The game is crewmates versus imposters. The goal as a crewmate is to vote off the imposters and complete all the tasks necessary. The imposter’s goal is to kill all of the crewmates. 

At the beginning of the game 1, 2, or 3 imposters are assigned. An imposter looks like a normal crewmate on the outside but their goal is to kill everyone. The crewmates goal is to complete all the tasks before everyone is dead. 

With 10 total players per game, there can be between 7-9 crewmates per round. Crewmates must complete all their tasks which vary in length and difficulty. 

The imposter has special advantages to help them win. Imposters have their own special map that allows them to sabotage different rooms/ machines on board. If crewmates don’t find the sabotage and fix it in time, the imposters automatically win.

 Imposters also have a special way to get around the map the. There are vents in certain rooms around the map that only imposters have access to. Imposters use these after they kill to escape the scene without anyone seeing.  

After the discovery of a crewmate’s body, meetings are held to try and vote off the imposter(s). An online chat is available to discuss who everyone is voting for. Whoever has the highest votes, gets voted off and can no longer interact with the crew besides doing tasks. When the final imposter is voted off the crewmates win. 

Many people will watch their favorite influencers play Among Us on different social media platforms. Some influencers will record themselves playing the game and upload it to TikTok or Youtube while others will stream live on platforms such as Twitch. 

With a mixture of entertaining commentary and the thrill of the game, these videos are very popular. Some videos, like the ones on popular creator Mr. Beast’s channel, have eclipsed 20 million views in just two weeks. 


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