That Vegan Teacher Exposed



@thatveganteacher makes videos to persuade others to follow the vegan lifestyle.  These videos attract a lot of hate and controversy.  (Photo courtesy of @thatveganteacher on TikTok)

@thatveganteacher (Miss. Kadie) is a TikToker with 1.2 million followers, an animal rights activist, and a very strict vegan.   Veganism is a diet/lifestyle where a person avoids animal products or by-products of any kind.  

Recently there is a lot of controversy surrounding how she delivers her messages and about what she feeds her dog Bella.  She compares animal lives to humans’ and invalidates people’s trauma by comparing it to the killing of animals. 

Kadie posts TikToks convincing her followers to go vegan in a variety of different ways.  One of her most popular TikToks is a jingle she made telling McDonald’s,  a billion-dollar corporation, to change their entire menu to be vegan-friendly.  

Skyler Dickerson, who regularly uses TikTok, said via text, “My honest opinion is that I hate her.  She idiotically compares not being vegan to racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.”  

The vegan teacher asks, “Do you know how your ancestors were treated? Enslaved and murdered?  Do you not know what they do to the animals right now?”  She compares the treatment of African slaves a couple centuries back to how animals are killed for food now.  Some users have said that she is invalidating slavery and is valuing animal’s lives just as much, or even more than, humans’.  

In another TikTok, she compares sexual assault and the #metoo movement to animal lives.  Kadie does this by saying “women are not objects” and “animals are not objects” with the hashtag “bevegan”.  Unfortunately, comments on her video were disabled, but various YouTubers who were watching her videos said, “what is wrong with [her]?”

One TikTok user asked her if she would rather save a cow or a child.  In the video, she was very hesitant about her answer and said she would judge based on different circumstances.  She even said she would consider “how much meat does this child consume?” as a factor to who she would save. 

In a different video, the vegan teacher responded to someone who said that their religion was against veganism by stating, “time to change that religion right away!”  Kadie is non-religious and has responded to several other religious people by writing short songs convincing them to switch to a religion (or none at all) that allows for veganism.  

In another Tiktok, she responds to a user’s comment about the death of their friend after becoming vegan.  She mocks and disrespects their death by questioning whether the user “tried hard enough to get him to eat meat” and asking what his/her friend ate.  One of the hashtags used is “comedy.”   Another user commented that their brother died from being malnourished after also becoming vegan.  People in the comments were not happy with her responses.  User @meloncosplays commented, “she ignored the fact that someone died from veganism, showing she doesn’t care about the deaths, she just wants everyone to go vegan.”

(Here is a bonus TikTok proving how questionable her views are.)

Her dog Bella has been vegan for a few years now. This diet is really bad for dogs since plant-based meat alternatives such as soy don’t contain vital minerals, and a dog’s digestive tract is designed for a carnivorous diet.  The owner needs to be really careful and take time to ensure that their pet gets all the necessary nutrients.  A Reddit user wrote in a now-deleted post, “That Vegan Teacher on TikTok has been forcing her dog to eat vegan for years, and despite her dog eating grass, which dogs do when they feel sick, and despite being told hundreds of times she refuses to feed her dog properly.”  Many people claim that eating grass is not normal behavior for dogs, and they do it in order to induce vomiting. This is one piece of evidence proving she is being severely malnourished. 

Whether you are vegan or not, we can all agree that the vegan teacher has taken things way too far and is persuading her followers to follow the vegan lifestyle in a cult-like manner.  While many viewers stand their ground about eating animal products, her supporters are guilted into it by being called hypocrites and murderers.  People can make their own choices, but the vegan teacher has a strong influence on some.  

That vegan teacher needs to reconsider how she is spreading her message to her followers and should consider feeding her dog more nutritious food.


  1. I am only in 5th grade and I agree. I love ssniperwolf, but her, I could just punch her in the face

  2. Actually the BVA’s stance is that there is not enough evidence to support that a vegan diet is ok for a dog yet- not that it’s ‘really bad for dogs’. Lewis Hamilton serves as a strong case study in favour of the benefits that could in time be mainstream accepted

  3. I think TVT should have any and all devices she owns that she can use to post on taken away forever and be banned from all current and future social media.

  4. TVT is such a massive hypoc. It is fine to b vegan, why not? Im not a vegan, but its still good.
    But forcing people to becoming vegans? really?
    Making fun of someone’s death? Being racist? This is way too far.
    But… forcing a dog to have a diet is way too much.
    TVT has crossed the line, #STOPTHATVEGANTEACHER!

  5. I would say she ticks me off. She does. I watched a SSsniperwolf video and she (the Vegan Teacher) was more concerned about FLIES than DEAD MEAT in a car. I did some research and that Crayola marker that she writes with isn’t vegan!


  6. TVT is horrible, personally and by the choices she makes. First of all, I want anyone reading this to know, That Vegan Teacher is one of the worst people in this world, if not, the worst and I am completely against her. Sure, I think it’s kind to go vegan because you are thinking about other animals lives, not yours, you want them to be safe and live out a good life without someone spoiling it, but let’s say everyone WAS vegan, including non-humans, populations would grow and this world would be crowded, lots of us would literally kill for some space, many species would slowly die from no protein and other important stuff in meats, if we kept it up, all populations would be gone, humans, dogs, cats, pandas, koalas, wombats, fish, ect, it took a miracle for life to be created and if the new lives were vegan too, it would happen all over again. Back to the present, if most of us were vegan, we would die of malnutrition, not old age, there would be more negative emotions in our world and people wouldn’t want to live or they wouldn’t even be created in the first place. Moving onto poor Bella, dogs are descendants from wolfs, being carnivorous isn’t something they can just grow out of! Their digestive system and most of their bodies rely on eating meat to survive, it might be good to have a FEW VEGATERIANS in the world but not HEAPS OF VEGANS! That Vegan Teacher is trying to destroy people and and make them think “am I a bad person for what I believe in, who I support and what I eat?” No, you aren’t, believe in what you want to believe in, support LGBTQ+, you don’t have to be one but you can at least support it, it’s about loving who you love, being who you want to be, embracing who you are and not treating people with different skin tones badly but That Vegan Teacher is against it and won’t let people be who they want to be, you can’t control another’s life! It’s fine if you’re vegan, and I appreciate what you’re trying to do but That vegan teacher (and what she says) is a pile of crap, not saying some of it isn’t true but she’s and awful person and you can’t make me change my mind about that.

  7. 3 Reasons why “thatveganteacher” should be banned
    1. she is lying to pepole saying that she is a nurse for 25yrs
    2. she is harassing youtubers

  8. the vegan teacher SUCKS I’m an omivore I eat both plants and meat. and she is racist I’m a white person BUT I’m judasium girl . she needs to be banned for a lifetime. and she is harassing youtubers. including…DREAM! she is a bad person she needs to be stopped and know that protien is in meat

  9. I note that a lot of you are saying that animals aren’t sentient. That is not true. Animals are not SAPIENT. There’s actually a big difference. Sapience is Human-like intelligence, whereas Sentience is having emotions, and the ability to reason. For example, chickens are sentient, but they are not sapient. As for TVT, she is such a hypocrite. I reckon that she isn’t even Vegan, and is just trying to cause a ruckus. She says that she promotes animal rights while starving her dog. She says she wishes to free the animals by barging into factory-farms and free them, but never doing it herself. I would legitimately have more respect for her if she followed her supposed beliefs, but she is just a hate-mongerer. I have an immense amount of respect for people who go vegan, but for her I have none. #KillTVT. #Savetheanimals

  10. Will Smiths son actually became very unhealthy and was super pale. His parents urged him to eat meat because it would give him the nutrients he needed. He eventually began eating meat and other stuff vegans are against and became very healthy. Just look it up.

  11. I am pretty sure that she is synonymous with the Klu Klux Klan, she is anti – Catholic, racist, homophobic (as a conservative, it takes a lot for me to use that word) and she campaigns animal rights, while she is also killing her dog. She has absolutely no perception of anything. I’ve seen various people who campaign bigoted views, but jeez, this is just plain KKK behaviour. If she lived in Europe, she would be arrested.

  12. Just like many other people, I greatly dislike THATVEGANTEACHER Miss Kadie (Karen). I have so many points I could talk about in the comments, but I will only mention three:
    1. Miss Kadie is very uneducated when it comes to numerous fields. She had stated in one of her videos that she was once a nurse for 25 yrs. Now, being a nurse, you should have large resources of information regarding medicine, but diet especially. Not everyone can be vegan Miss Karen. I am diabetic and must go by a certain diet so that my glucose levels are under control. Unfortunately for you, I cannot go vegan due to this. If you were truly a nurse, you would have known that not everyone can go by a vegan diet. This was just an example of her lack of knowledge.
    2. Ms. Kadie lacks common respect for others. In many of her videos that were posted on different social media platforms, THATVEGANTEACHER has proven to be very rude and offensive despite saying several times to her ‘students’ to be kind and compassionate. Now to me, this is very hypocritical. A kind and compassionate person would not be rude, they would not force others to follow their beliefs, and they most certainly would not try to justify their disrespectful behaviour. In a video entitled “Are you racist”, THATVEGANTEACHER tried to justify her usage of the ‘N’ word, which only further revealed more of her true nature. It also shows that when she says to be kind and compassionate, it shows that she really means to be kind to animals, not non-vegans and vegans alike per say.
    3. She constantly compares real world tragedies and events to veganism. I am not going to expound much here, but we could see in her videos how she compared world renowned chef, Gordon Ramsey has the ‘The Devil’ or as ‘Adolf Hitler’ and also how she perceives the killing of animals for food as slavery, rape and torture.
    In conclusion, it can be said that Miss Kadie is causing more complications than solutions in the world. Also, as I have said before, the three points mentioned above is simply a ‘tip of iceberg’. There are so many for things that can be said about her. It is a shame.

  13. I mean, I completely respect people who are vegan and want to be vegan but forcing someone to go vegan by using false claims and using racial slurs is just simply not okay. Also the fact that she isn’t giving her dog the proper nutrients it needs is just flat out wrong. Dogs need proper protein and meat to survive. Otherwise they are malnourished and unhealthy. Back to the racial slurs. For Karen to go out and say the N word and say that “people are being sensitive towards words” is just disgusting and racist. The things that African Americans had to go through in the past (and still today) is absolutely horrifying and to mock them by saying they are “too sensitive” is disgusting. When she said that “coming out as gay is selfish ” I got the strong urge to throw my 1979 collectors baseball at her big ass forehead. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, coming out as gay, lesbian, queer, etc is absolutely terrifying. You’re not sure if you’re friends or family will accept you for who you are. Society shames you and tries to pass laws where you cant marry the person you love, simply because they don’t like the idea of a person dating their own gender. I can think of so many more. When somebody comes out to their family and they accept them, its like the biggest relief in the world. So to say that coming out is “selfish” is just revolting and I hope that every time Karen tries to charge her phone it only charges at an angle and that both sides of her pillow are warm. I hope she steps in a mud puddle and drops her keys in a vent. I hope gets hit in the ankle by a scooter. I hope she steps in water with socks on. I hope she pours herself a bowl of cereal and finds out there isn’t any almond milk and all the stores around her are closed so she cant get more. I hope that all of her tiny spoons disappear and she is only left with the really big ones that nobody likes. I hope that her shoes always have a tiny rock in them. I hope she accidentally shifts to attack on titan and gets yeeted in the sky by a titan.

  14. @lew seriously. seriously. tell me, do you actually care about animals, are you just dumb or are you an alternate account of tvt

  15. That vegan teacher is insane, she was given a question to save a kid of a cow and she stated how much meat would be on either one as an answer she was also caught eating a burger at McDonalds

  16. This lady just has no sympathy for anyone if they aren’t vegan. In the TikTok where one user said that their friend had died from malnutrition after going vegan, THATVEGANTEACHER just said, “Maybe you just didn’t try hard enough.” WHAT IS RIGHT ABOUT THAT?!? Somebody DIED after following HER teachings. . . this is just ludicrous. And she’s also abusing her dog, Bella, by forcing her to go vegan. In yet another TikTok, THATVEGANTEACHER said that, and I quote, “People suffering from cognitive dissonance look at my dog, Bella, and think that she’s so sick looking; she’s almost dead; even though it’s SO CLEAR that she’s 100% healthy.” I think that this lady misspelled “animal abuse”.

  17. Animals aren’t slaves, slave is a somebody forced to work for free and punished if they won’t, also animals aren’t sentient and the only sentient animals are humans. Animals can’t think and make decisions thereofore they are not sentient, And that vegan nutjob vega teacher is absolutely delusional, SHE WANTED A BILL OF RIGHTS FOR ANIMALS, @Lew @S you should shut up what u are saying is nonsence, U are saying that this article was taken out of context… well that vegan teacher takes everything out of context.

  18. That vegan teacher says she is against animal abuse but she promoted a website that sells vegan cat food, cats are predators and should eat meat as their food, cats should not eat vegan or vegetarian food only, it’s like giving a rabbit beef, it’s not in their diet, and that’s animal abuse, so that’s against the cat’s will, feeding them only vegan is animal abuse. So by promoting that website she promotes animal abuse. And if that vegan teacher wants a vegan pet then she should get a damn rabbit. And if she says animals are slaves they are not, slaves weren’t killed for their products. Also if she says animals are sentient beings they are not, the only sentient animals are humans. Animals can’t think thereofore they are not sentient beings.

  19. the vegan teacher is insane, if you can agree, i say we ban her from ALL SOCIAL MEDIAS like tik tok, twitter, instagram, and youtube. i hate seeing these videos and tweets about “The Vegan Teacher Exposed” its annoying and plus she is just getting more and more followers on her social medias, she is getting to much clout and its insane. (i have no offense against vegans, one of my best friends is vegan and he is fine with me eating meat because thats my choice and i should not be harassed or abused about being vegan because eating meat is my choice and what i wanna do.)

  20. Why make the dog vegan, Technically dogs should have a meat diet. Does she want us to make our dogs vegan.? thats stupid. If the eat no meat they will probably die. Da heck. Why do you want our dogs to die, you racist vegan. You freaking killed that poor dog.

  21. If that vegan teacher becoming a world leader she will make the whole Earth to become a desert because all plant all eaten if she are monarch. She not decrease animal death, but increase animal death, even the process are slow.
    She is an atheist and she mocks religion that she didn’t know at all.
    That vegan teacher are a people that call someone else bad and hypocrite, but she is bad and a hypocrite.

  22. Turns all anima to vegan can cause earth turn into desert planet like Tatoine or Mars.
    Its not how to turn the world better.
    That vegan teacher are makes everything far more worst to the whole planet.
    That what I think if that vegan teacher become the leader of the world.
    Everything she do is not actually decrease animal death but increase it.
    That vegan teacher are actually atheist and mock religion that she didn’t know of.
    That vegan teacher are a pepole that think everyone bad or hypocrite but she is who actually bad and hypocrite.

  23. @Lew @S both of u should shut up, is it just me but does that vegan teacher has delirium, please tell me she doesn’t think that when she responds and duets youtubers that that they are in a literal class.

  24. @Lew. Both you and her are wrong. And no, animal abuse is not comparable to slavery. Many commentary youtubers such as glider guy and pancho have reacted to her, and said she is wrong. I agree with those who think that vegan teacher is wrong. But, dogs can live on a vegan diet, it is just not recommended and needs to be carefully planned.

  25. @Lew that vegan teacher isn’t right. If she was, then why have many commentary youtubers reacted to saying she is wrong? Tvt has said some racist statements, as said by commentary youtuber glider guy. You and her are both wrong. But, dogs can live on a vegan diet, you just have to be careful.

  26. Dogs are carnivores. Cats are obligate carnivores. Humans, like bears and pigs, are omnivores. That’s EVOLUTION, vegan nutbar. Your nagging is horrific, and you should be forced to eat that ukele. Your singing is a crime against humanity. Those who say ‘they wouldn’t make vegan food for dogs if it was bad’ don’t seem to realize that in our system, if someone can make money from selling you something stupid, unnecessary, or harmful, they will make their money. I mean, candy is bad for you. So is fast food. Those of you who wish to kill your family members, or stunt your children’s brains with a vegan diet, fine. Just don’t get a carnivorous or omnivorous pet. Get a rabbit. Get a chinchilla. Get a sheep. Get a goat. Seems like everyone who isn’t vegan already got that sick twisted old bint’s goat.

  27. This whole article is a mess and takes everything out of context. Also dogs can be fed a vegan diet and thrive. One of the oldest dogs in the world was fed a vegan diet. It is actually a lot better for them than the crap put in most pet foods which contributes to all sorts of illnesses.

    Also if someone died from malnutrition that is because they weren’t eating properly. Nothing to do with veganism. You can die from malnutrition on any diet that isn’t done properly.

    And yes, animal agriculture (and animal use in general) is comparable to slavery. Animals are enslaved en masse for their secretions. They are raped with electrodes (male and artificial insemination (females) to products new victims of the system. Animals are forced to do things they wouldn’t naturally do via fear of punishment.

    And so on.

    You just show your ignorance and lack of intelligence with this trash article.

  28. There is a lot of misconceptions on this site – no one dies because of a vegan/plant based diet and anyone, including carnists can die of malnutrition. Just like with any diet, we need a minimal amount of calories and nutrition to survive. It’s the most affordable and sustainable diet and a whole foods plant based diet is the healthiest. Go to the Physicians’ Committee web site to learn about it.
    Same for dogs. Please stop the silly comments about denouncing TVT for animal cruelty, if a dog on a vegan diet were considered cruel/criminal, pet shops would not be allowed to sell vegan dog food. Petcurean Gather Endless Valley Vegan Dog Food is made in Canada. There are many other brands, V-planet being the most popular brand of vegan dog food.
    I do have an issue with the greenwashing (or whitewashing) by Israel and US army, wanting to pass as compassionate and kind to animals offering vegan meals and boots for soldiers, while being the biggest violators of human rights. Vegans that tout Israel as the most vegan country while ignoring the Apartheid and Palestine brutal occupation. The examples I gave of praising major violators of human rights for their ‘veganism’ were done by privileged white vegans.
    Those I cancel personally but I do not ask for their censorship.

  29. Her poor dog like my cousin has a dog im not kidding every time i feed him meat he licks me its so cute now she has a pet mouse yikes…. bella the dog deservews rights bruh.

  30. Lew – They also make vegan cat food even though cats CANNOT be vegan. So your argument is completely stupid. It IS animal abuse to feed a dog or cat a vegan diet. Period. Also TVT has been showing pedophilic behavior by stalking and making sexual materials aimed at minors. So she needs not only to be banned, but arrested for animal abuse and sexually grooming children.

  31. She’s also been stalking underaged users like Tommy Innit online and making VERY sexual videos aimed at him and other minors. I really think at this point she is a pedophile. At the very least she’s behaving very much like a pedophile. It’s just REALLY creepy how she’s obsessively making sexual materials aimed at MINORS.

  32. If her dog dies she better not say it’s because she used to eat meat. If says that I will launch my self out the window while eating a steak and a chicken wing!!!!

  33. Instead of getting that woman banned off of social media, we need to report her to Canadian Law for animal cruelty. Her name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. She has forced her dog, Belle, to an all vegan diet- that dog sleeps more than what looks to be healthy, and there is no sign that she’s been feeding her dog the right nutrition as a vegan. Report to animal rescues all through Canada as US doesn’t have jurisdiction

  34. If her dog dies i wont be surprised She should be convicted of man slaughter cause people are develeoped to have some MEAT now and than so there for being fully vegan can kill you sadly but i understand 7 days vegan a month vegan to reduce weight but fully vegan from birth to death yikes also she violated 10 canadian laws raising hate speech Mimicing a medical nurse or whatever

  35. if anyone knew, on the 12th feb, we are all reporting this maniac on tiktok and other social medias to get her banned

  36. You don’t need to be vegan… I mean instead of saying “BE VEGAN” over and over again, she could maybe start petitions against farmers that force their animals to be squeezed up in a barn just pooping on each other all day, which is bad for us, as well as the animals. Maybe start talking about eating free-range food where the animals live long happy lives in open fields until they’re eaten…

  37. If her dog isn’t taken away, I don’t think [it] can survive much longer on this diet. Though veganism is great and all, enforcing it on other people makes you no better than a dictator, and seeing that how she treats those who have died, she might as well be Hitler.

  38. TVT says that people need to change their religion if it downplays veganism….. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and in the bible God did require animal sacrifices as a part of worship, however when Jesus died for us on the stake, that was no longer required. But if you read the first book of the bible, Genesis, then you will read that after the flood of Noah’s day (you know, the ark) God allowed humans to hunt and eat animals to survive. Humans did not always eat animals, however, wolfs have always been carnivores, and forcing your dog to eat only vegetables, is not the healthiest way to treat your dog, or even very nice. Also, as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I value life, but I value human life more than any animal, even my dog.

  39. If she compares being lgbtq+ with veganism, think of it that way: A lgbtq+ community member should (and probably would) never force you to change you sexuality or criticize you for being heterosexual. Me being straight, i have no problem with people being a part of the lgbtq+ community or with vegans, i know people that fit in both of those categories, but seeing her compare veganism with slavery and sexual orientations is just disgusting. I agree to the fact that animals are abused for us to eat and i know that beauty products being tested on them is completely wrong and that’s why i buy vegan beauty products and i usually only eat meat that was hunted by my father or that comes from the local farm, where i know they were left to run free. Also, i never buy more than i can eat because i know that the animal was killed for me to have a balanced diet and I don’t want to disrespect it and it’s soul. My father said that he would never kill in vain. Also, the fact that she made fun of someone’s death is sick. It pains me to see that she was so careless and that she made fun of the person that has passed away (May he rest in peace). She sould be banned. Vegans are considered crazy because of people like this that represent their community. Eat whatever keeps you healthy and happy. Stay safe and please don’t let social media influence you.

  40. I agree so much lol
    She’s made fun of someone’s DEATH after they tried listening to her, but died due to their medical conditions, compared the holocaust and slaves to animals, has been homophobic by saying some crap about coming out as being gay apparently being selfish because you “aren’t helping others” and the fact she is/used to be an ELEMENTARY school teacher.
    She has also admitted to taking things from landfills, which is pretty gross imo, and abuses her dog by slowly killing it by forcing it to eat vegan dog food. Im sure she probably doesn’t even understand the concept of carnivores.
    She has ALSO impersonated a nurse, which is also definitely illegal in Canada, has shown footage of turkeys being bred in farms, and basically compares rape victims to animals, and black people to animals.

    I’ve already reported her to a Canadian cyber bullying website thingy (don’t know what to call it) since I do not live in Canada.
    Some people to watch to learn about TVT are @Makmarieg and @Alykara on Tiktok. @Makmarieg did investigations on her, and has a video showing you how to report her to the Canadian government if you do not live in Canada (the canadian cyber bullying website thingy I mentioned earlier), and @Alykara is a former vegan who has rewritten one of TVT’s songs (TVT’s Mcdonalds song) and just generally goes against what TVT says.

    I hope Bella catches a squirrel or bird someday.

  41. @Darian

    I want to add something to your reply to Lew. I am an animal behavior and cognition Master’s student and as such have some scientific literacy. I read one of the papers that claimed that carnivores could be fed on a vegan diet, and there was some questionable stuff there. One that particular stood out to me was this: companies sent out samples of vegan food that was supposed to be nutritionally complete. The samples were tested and found NOT to be nutritionally complete in several cases. The companies’ response was basically “oops, we just forgot to send our best product”. And the researchers who published that study took the companies’ statements at face value. Which they shouldn’t – that’s like you showing up to a job interview or first date in a stained shirt and ripped jeans and being all like “oops, sorry, that wasn’t my best impression and I PROMISE my next impression will be better! Really!”. Most of us wouldn’t believe that excuse in either circumstance. And that’s in a case of an obligation to wear nice clothes, which is a relatively superficial (though widely societally accepted) signal. As opposed to sending at least your best sample of vegan carnivore food, where lives could be at stake if you get it wrong.

  42. I can not believe she thinks she is more oppressed than LGBT. I understand being vegan, but you don’t need to put other people down because they eat meat. It’s like someone being on a diet and yelling at you because you are eating a cookie. That doesn’t make sense to me and hopefully most people. Mocking people’s death is not cool. I believe that death is just the beginning, but still. It’s not what they ate-the exact opposite-it’s what they didn’t eat.

  43. honestly, this woman is crazy. she doesn’t understand what personal boundaries are and obviously has zero respect for people’s religions or beliefs. literally in one of her tik toks she responds to this kids comment about her religion not really allowing veganism by saying “you’re full of crap”. bella needs to be removed from her home and that vegan teacher needs to be shut down on all social media platforms. the way she totally disregards the feelings of humans is terrible. honestly, if a pig told her to kill a human, i bet she would do it with no doubts in her mind.

  44. All TVT is is a stupid, toxic — going around EXTREMELY over exaggerating that we eats animals, like not everyone ate a dog or cat, and she goes around forcing people to stop or change their religion BECAUSE they eat non-vegan products. And, I hate to say it, but she’s somewhat smart. She created several other vegan accounts, post the same videos telling us to be vegan BUT DOESN’T SHOW HER FACE, limits her comments to those accounts, and uses those accounts to post vegan comments. She’s not letting people tell her our honest opinions, and she wouldn’t be getting attacked if she wasn’t toxic. She thinks swearing makes her sound cool to attract teenage audiences. The thing I hate MOST about her, she’s slowly killing her dog. Dogs, as we all know, are wolves ancestors. There so, dogs have a different hydrophonic acid in their stomachs to break down raw meats, and they’res a special chemical in the raw meat where dogs get their nutrients from. She forces her dog to eat VEGETABLES, WHICH DOGS ARE NOT BORN TO EAT and without the protein and chemical, her dog is on an immense amount of pain, slowly dying. I need her address get the FBI and the SPCA in there, arrest her for online piracy frauding, and animal abuse, then get Bella to a safe, nice home. Be better, be omnivorous.

  45. I just thought she came on my for you page attacking celebrities chef Gordon Ramsay Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others

  46. this is horrible. not only that she forces others to be vegan but she forces it on her dog as well AND she doesn’t care about the death of others. I want her to be cancelled she’s all over my tiktok. I fear that her dog may die a painful death because of this. My friend is vegan and i asked her on her opinions of that vegan teacher and she replied with “she has a point, but she’s not carrying it out properly. She seems capable of doing it but just isn’t.”

  47. So, I asked my niece, who is in veterinary school about vegan diets for dogs. She said a strictly vegan diet is NOT recommended as not only is it unhealthy for them, but is cruelty in it’s most asinine form.
    She said even vegetarian diets are not recommended but can at least provide SOME needed nutrients through by product, but a carnivore needs nutrients that can only be found in meat to truly thrive.
    She also said that though there are both vegetarian and vegan options for dog food companies, that does not mean those foods are actually for your animal. There is also a huge can’t industry, but eating only candy can and will destroy your health.
    Also, gigs can and do eat grass just because they enjoy it, it isn’t just used as an genetic, but that if they are eating excessive amounts you should have them checked by a vet.
    That Vegan Teacher is teaching dangerous and cruel ideology to impressionable youth but not teaching them how to safely transition from am omnivorous diet into a fully herbivorous diet. At the very least, her activity is criminally negligent.

  48. @Lew
    dogs aren’t supposed to eat plants as they are carnivores. feeding them something they should eat is bad. If you do want your dog to be vegan then you should watch them very carefully to make sure they aren’t malnourished.
    it is VERY wrong to put down religions for just because there is animal sacrifice in it. you can be any religion you want to be, just don’t put other religions down just because you disagree with it.
    For people like you who agree with the terrible ways that that vegan teacher expresses her veganism by making jokes about health conditions and malnutrition while guilt tripping people to be vegan with saying that you are murdering animals by eating meat. that is wrong period. no ifs no buts no nothing it is wrong to force your beliefs down someone’s throat. if you’re vegan that’s awesome but don’t make people feel guilty for not being vegan.

  49. She is terrible, I can not believe this. That vegan teacher has been making kids scared about not going to heaven if they’re not vegan, though I’m smart and don’t fall for her BALONEY XD

  50. I think someone who is that corrupt such as that vegan teacher should be banned from all social media. She not only tries to force her idealism down people’s throats, but openly mocks the lgbtq community, by saying vegans are more oppressed than lgbtq. She is homophobic sexist and racist. She also grooms little children, by teaching them about “sex education” using vegetables, which goes against Canadian laws. She has openly told people they will go to hell if they do not become vegan. She has compared animal abuse to rape, slavery and kidnapping. This woman not only does not deserve to be on social media but she deserves to be behind bars for breaking multiple Canadian laws.

  51. @Lew, you cannot put down religions, that is highly insensitive and in this country we have the freedom of religion. You saying such a thing as to denote and insult a religion is highly immature. Grow up and please refrain from doing it again. I understand some people may prefer to be vegan in order to end animal cruelty, but once you get to the level of the vegan teacher, giving a child’s life for a cow. That is extremely scary. Also, by the way the food chain is dependent on animals eating one another. Even if all carnivorous creatures had the ability to develop a plant based diet, not only there would not be enough edible plant matter to sustain every animal on the planet, but there would begin to be overpopulations of every creature. I respect that some people choose to be vegan, but forcing animals to do such is highly insensitive and just wrong. Carnivores are a basic part of nature and if you can’t realize that, your whole vegan campaign is flawed.

  52. i say we ban her from all social media, shes such a jerk, if she were to save an animal r her whole family, SHE’D CHOSE THE ANIMAL, END THE VEGAN TEACHER

  53. Actually, this is complete crap. It takes 5 minutes of Google research to learn that yes, dogs can survive ad even thrive on a carefully planned vegan diet. They would not make vegan dog food if it didn’t work for dogs. Also, if you think about animals with any amount of empathy, she is RIGHT that we treat them in the most bizarre and cruel ways you can imagine. I wish more people would straight up say what’s true, instead of waiting on weak moral-less meat eaters to finally figure out this stuff on their own and holding their hand. Also, religions that promote killing animals for no other reason than tradition ARE POINTLESS. Why should anyone respect your religion if your God demands animal sacrifice, that is LITERALLY INSANE.

  54. I agree her dog should be taken away from her because she is abusing her dog and it is literally like she is trying to start a cult by how she is trying to recruit people in to the vegan lifestyle


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