Covid-19 Effects on LRHS Yearbook


With all the effects and issues the Covid-19 pandemic has caused this school year, the LRHS yearbook staff continues to find new ways of collaborating and collecting information. Publishing the 2020-2021 school yearbook will be the most tedious and challenging to publish yet. (Photo courtesy of Chase Dutton)

The Leesville Road High School yearbook staff makes changes to its curriculum and production process in response to Covid-19.

LRHS yearbook students are in a virtual learning environment.This opens and closes a variety of options for the yearbook staff as they try to maneuver around the obstacles of the pandemic.

Emma Polansky, Leesville Road High School student, gives her perspective as a yearbook member during the pandemic.  Because each student is currently enrolled in virtual academy, the yearbook staff created new alternative ways to cooperate with each other and collect information for the yearbook.

Polansky and staff writers need to gather information through email or Google Meets. “We’ve created groups under different section editors to work on spreads that go by the week. We send mass emails to students with interview questions, polls, and links to submit any pictures they can to us,” said Polansky via text message.

In years past, yearbook students walked the halls of LRHS and interviewed students during class or lunch. Also, students took cameras to club meetings, sports games, and after-school activities to take photos and gather interviews.

She claims without the participation of students in the virtual interviews, this year’s yearbook would not be possible, writing how her staff disperses numerous emails to students in search of their responses.

As Leesville High School continues its virtual learning process, Polansky and the LRHS yearbook team continue to shuffle around the challenges Covid-19 has presented.


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