Regular classes vs. online classes.

This is the type of personal computer a lot of students will be using for their online classes during the pandemic. Online learning isn’t pretty, but it’s all we’ve got right now. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain.)

It’s easy to see why online classes are different from regular classes. In online school, you are in a virtual meeting with a bunch of other students who want to participate, not show their face, or just to sit back in silence to watch and learn. In the school we students are used to, we see everyone’s face, and everyone is given a fair opportunity to learn, ask questions, and give answers along with everyone else. 

I feel like Google meets and other online meeting programs are less inclusive for students and teachers alike. Sure, people can type in answers and speak out loud when asked to, but the ability to mute yourself and turn off your camera makes things less like an actual school, and more like an online chat room. Online schooling is obviously not ideal, but it’s all we have for right now. Considering how bad the situation is, online schooling is one of the best options for keeping up with classes.

Traditional, face-to-face classes are better in social ways, as well as mental. Not only do we get to see our best friends in person, but we also get to speak and interact with our classmates while learning. For me, it’s the best way to learn, with a structured class schedule and friends I know will have my back. Online schooling doesn’t really have that; it has a very loose schedule.

In my opinion, going to school is better than just having school on your phone or computer. It gives us more social time as well as a structured schedule for our classes and breaks. Nevertheless, online education is the best choice we have right now. It gives us a chance to continue learning even though our hard working teachers aren’t by our sides.


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