Why “quarantine” is beneficial for everyone

Depicted by social media as a dreadful experience, staying home and away from others is essential during this time. Please follow the rules of social distancing for the benefit of your community. (Photo courtesy of Public Domain)

Most of us have been social distancing or in “quarantine” for a little over a month. The media has provided no comfort as to when we will be able to return to the normal frolicking of daily life, and being alone with yourself all day doesn’t make it any better. Although the days are blurring together and the end is nowhere in sight, there are many benefits to this quarantine time, other than the reduction and prevention of COVID-19. 

  1. Gratitude

Having freedom stripped away from you almost instantly shows how much in life we have to be thankful for. On what used to be a normal school day, we were able to chat with our friends, go out to lunch, walk around without fear of being closer than 6 feet distance, and just interact with the world around us. Not being able to have it at the moment, it shows how important the little things are. Cherishing all of the normally overlooked aspects of life during this time will only make them so much better in the future.

2. Relationships

Quarantine has brought everyone home. Parents are away from work and older siblings are back from college —  we are all under one roof together. This time is vital in forming relationships ang strengthening bonds. Seeing the family (that lives under your roof, of course) you might not get to see as often is very valuable in this time.

Being away from extended family and friends also forces you to put more effort into relationships. This will only make them stronger when you reunite. People who dedicate time to maintaining your friendship are the people that you should keep around.

3. Adaptation

A lot of activities are having to be adjusted to fit the “Stay Home” orders. From work, to school, to socialization, everything is done online. In this time, students, parents, and employees will become proficient in using many online platforms. Devoting your time to learning how to be successful through certain sites, all on your own, can only be a good thing in our technology dominated industries.

4. Hobbies

Despite the continuation of school and work, there is still a lot of free time on our hands. Now is a better time than any to pick up new activities and try new things. Whether it’s cooking, painting, or playing tennis, attempting different ventures only broadens your skill set. It also helps fill the gaps in time and gives you something to work for and look forward to.

5. Relaxation

Many of us have been in a mindset where we are constantly occupying ourselves and pushing to do better. Although it can be beneficial, it is quite draining on the work ethic and motivation levels. Using this time to let go and take a step back from the stresses of the world can provide a new and refreshing perspective. Focusing on you and your mental health are key when it comes to relaxing. Self care is still important even when you don’t have to put on your best face for society to see everyday.

6. Exploration

With nothing better to do, people have taken to the outdoors. Getting to know your area, safely, can be a fun and interesting activity. Embrace your surrounding nature, take the road not taken, listen to the music the world makes. Reconnecting with the Earth is a great way to spend social distancing time.

In addition to outdoor exploration, inner exploration is just as important. Learning what is best for your mind and body can also be highly beneficial. Trying new self-care routines, meditating, and journaling are all ways to open up your mind and be content with being by your lonesome.

7. Environment

Everyone is inside and off the streets. There has been a reduction in pollution, energy consumption, littering, and the environment overall is improving. Seeing how much better things have gotten should be motivation for keeping it this way in the future. Restoring our environment is always important, and this virus may have just kickstarted the process.

These are just a few of the many reasons why this time is great not only for your personal growth, but for society as a whole. So instead of wishing you were anywhere else but home, be glad you are safe under your roof and utilize your time while you still have it!


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