The Bachelor is back!


On Monday, January 7 the extensive three hour first episode of The Bachelor aired on ABC. The show has millions of viewers that tune in weekly to watch the drama unfold as love connections build.

I have never been a hard core bachelor or bachelorette viewer, however, after last night’s episode I am intrigued by the ridiculousness and drama of the show. 

This season’s Bachelor is Peter Weber, the third place finisher from last season of The Bachelorette. After getting his heart broken, Peter returned to find new love. 

Last night’s premiere included the awkward and cringe worthy introductions of thirty women. Some memorable introductions included life size paper airplanes, a cow, and blindfolding. It was hard not to cringe or even scream at theses uncomfortable of these first impressions, and it just continues to be more and more cheesy. 

The Bachelor wouldn’t be as popular as it is without the cat fights. On just the first night, these thirty women have known each other for less than a day, and they are already picking fights. Much of this drama stemmed from girls “hogging” time with Peter. Most notably is Hannah Ann, a model from Nashville, who interrupted one on one conversations a whopping three times. Her repeated boldness earned her the first rose from Peter, and a huge target on her back from the other women. 

As the episode progressed, we witnessed the intense the first rose ceremony where five women were sent home in shock that Peter didn’t see a future with them after one night. Tears were shed and hopes were crushed, but the show must continue. 

On the first group date, the ladies and Peter took a trip to the air strip where they underwent “flight school.” The theme of this date stems from Peter’s job as a pilot. This date was quite amusing to watch as these desperate girls were sent through an obstacle course. In the end, there can only be one winner —  Kelley. However, accusations that she cheated filled the mansion when the night was over. I found this group date particularly comical for how competitive the women were. In my opinion, it was ridiculous tears were flowing because they lost. 

I quickly developed favorites and amongst my favorites is Madison, a foster parent recruiter from Auburn, AL. My favoritism of Madison only grew when Peter decided to take her on his first individual date. They spent a sentimental day with his family, and Madison seemed to fit right in.

There was one aspect of this episode that was a complete surprise, and that was the return of Bachelorette Hannah B, the one who sent Peter home. For some reason, I developed a passionate dislike of Hannah for returning. The audacity to deny Peter and then come back to him after things didn’t work out enraged me. 

As every episode ends with ‘To be continued…’ we were left with a cliffhanger that was Hannah B and her return to the show. Will she be added to the house? Will Peter give her a second chance? So many unanswered questions. 

I fell into the trap that is The Bachelor last night. Once I heard that it was a three hour episode I thought no way can I watch this, but before I knew it, I already had. Now I’m addicted and can’t wait for next week. 


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