Warmth for Wake Charity Review

With harsh weather conditions to come, the Warmth for Wake charity program gears up to help those in Wake County who are in need of heat and comfort. The program seeks to counter the upcoming winter weather by providing fuel to residents who cannot sustain in cold temperatures. (Photo permission of pixabay.com)

The Warmth for Wake program is a seasonal charity that donates firewood and space heaters to low-income residents of Wake County during fall and winter. The goal of the program is to provide heat and fuel to Wake County locals who suffer from colder temperatures. The program accepts any volunteers who meet certain qualifications to help chop and deliver firewood. With a strong volunteer base and a positive mindset, the Warmth for Wake is able to provide thousands with firewood and heat to counter the cold winter.

Warmth for Wake is a nonprofit charity program that meets every other Saturday. Program managers and leaders meet with volunteers on a local Wake County farm to chop, load, and deliver firewood to those who need it. The owner of the farm is the CEO of a tree cutting company which provides a free endless supply of trees and wood to the Warmth for Wake program. The supply of wood benefits the program financially, for the Warmth for Wake program managers do not need to waste money on purchasing firewood. Rather than focusing on wood supply and spending money, the program is able to focus on providing for those in need.

The charity depends on many people who volunteer to help. Without volunteers, the Warmth for Wake program would not be able to function properly. Firewood deliveries and wood splitting would be very sluggish and slow-moving without volunteers to help. The Warmth for Wake program seeks any volunteers willing to help that meet age and health requirements. Volunteers who own certain tools, trucks, or trailers are specifically appreciated by the program, for more tools speed up the process of chopping wood and trucks/ trailers provide larger delivery supply. Without volunteers, the Warmth for Wake program would be inefficient and disorganized. 

Matthew Dutton, Warmth for Wake volunteer, gives his perspective of volunteering for the charity program saying, “Even though it was labor intensive (and wet), it was personally rewarding knowing we were making a difference for someone in need.”

The goal of the program is to provide heat to those in Wake County who cannot sustain under the cold temperatures. With freezing winter rolling in from December and upcoming January, the Warmth for Wake program is in full effect and is seeking any volunteers or help they can get. Through volunteers, firewood, and determination, the Warmth for Wake program intends to provide heat for Wake County residents this winter to counter the harsh temperatures.


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