Learn from my mistakes

Newspaper celebrates seniors by allowing them paint bricks in the newspaper classroom. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Jumma)

Throughout my years as a high school student, I have learned countless lessons from the mistakes I made. As the oldest child, my parents held little knowledge on how to guide me through the hectic journey that is high school. Essentially, I was left to figure it out on my own. Here are some of the things I learned.

1.Your appearance is not important. 

As almost every other freshman, I thought that the way I dressed was crucial to my journey. It’s not. No one cares about the pimple that made your face its home when you woke up this morning or the fact that you chose to wear sweats today. Everyone is too focused on themselves and their own issues. 

2. Work hard.

It may seem like you can’t breathe with the three projects and two tests that you have this week, but you will get through it. Anxiety can run rampid during these situations, so pause, make a plan, and execute it. The stress and the long nights are worth it in the end. 

3. … Or don’t.

You are human, not a machine. There will be a certain point in the year where you feel burned out. Waking up in the morning will get a lot harder and you might feel stuck in an endless cycle. Understand the signs and the fact that you need a break. Take a day off from school to stay home and recharge. Watch Netflix, do your self care routine, and hug your mom. It will get better. 

4. Start early.

You might have just started junior year but the beginning of your journey is right around the corner. Begin studying for the SAT/ACT and tour your favorite colleges — one of them might be your home for the next four years. College applications take months to complete so start early. If college isn’t your future, make sure to talk to your counselor about other career possibilities. 

5. Enjoy it. 

Your high school years are essentially the last few years you have as a child. Make sure to do childish things. Go to the park, have a family game night or do a coloring page. As cliche as it sounds, make memories. Go out with your friends, go to a party or stay out late. These are the last few moments you’ll have of being an adult without the responsibilities of being an adult. Enjoy it. 


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