Into the unknown with Frozen 2


Critics know Disney to have disappointing sequels, but Frozen 2 has been a success. With a U.S box office debut of $127 million, it surpassed forecasted amounts and the original’s debut back in 2013. 

The Frozen series gained fame when my sisters and I were younger, even my mom loved the songs and characters, so naturally we had to go see the sequel. We struggled to find tickets at first but eventually found a theatre. As we entered the theatre, kids in all kinds of Frozen attire were there dragging their weary parents around. They’ve grown up in a world Elsa, Anna, and their Arendelle crew, so naturally, they were ecstatic for the new movie.

The movie began with young Anna and Elsa playing and winding down for bed while their father told them a bedtime story, which then moved into her father’s flashback. We were then introduced to the Northuldra, an indigenous group of people who live inside the Enchanted Forest. The normal ice blue Frozen 2 title card turned into a stormy grey at the bottom. I took this as foreshadowing that maybe the movie would have a darker tone. 

Elsa and Anna’s crew set out looking for a mysterious and melodic voice and the truth about Arendelle’s past. Throughout the movie, characters sang sporadically– Kristoff even got his own Queen-like solo. The movie didn’t have a song as popular as “Let It Go” but the closest thing to it was “Into The Unknown” sung by Elsa (Idina Menzel). The song is about Elsa’s hesitation and curiosity to leave Arendelle to search for the voice she believes is calling her. 

I found the plot to be confusing–there were too many elements to the story. At one point, Kristoff was absent for a good third of the movie, supposedly looking for Anna. Anna was clinging to Elsa and clearly holding her back. Kristoff made desperate attempts to propose to Anna. In addition, the princesses’ history was complex, at some points I wondered if the children in the audience were keeping up. 

The ending wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it should’ve been. It’s up to Anna to reverse the seal around the Enchanted Forest. Anna’s then rushed off to marry Kristoff and crowned queen of Arendelle while Elsa’s left to be the “fifth spirit” secluded on her frozen island, Ahtohallan. Elsa remains on the island which holds memories from the past, but otherwise her purpose is unknown. 

The movie was visually stunning, possibly one of the best animated movies I’ve ever seen. Frozen 2 does feature loveable characters such as Bruni, the fire spirit and an adorable salamander who loves Elsa’s snowflakes. There’s Gale, a playful gust of wind who consists of a few leaves flying around. Nokk is the water spirit who manifests as a majestic horse and provides transportation for Elsa across the Dark Sea. 

Overall, the movie didn’t exceed my expectations despite my family’s protest– they absolutely loved it. It let me down in most aspects and definitely had a darker tone compared to the original. But now, we wait and see what Disney plans for the third installment in the series.


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