What’s Dr.Stone Been Up To?


Dr.Stone was an amazing science teacher at Leesville, but now he is retired and occasionally comes back to substitute. Dr. Stone has been up to quite a few things since his recent retirement. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Daumen)

After 12 years of teaching science at Leesville, Dr. Raymond “Chip” Stone decided to retire at the age of 72.

This retirement came as a shock to the Leeville community, but Dr.Stone believed it was time. “I was the oldest public school teacher in Wake County, so I thought it was time to do something else,” said Stone.

He chose to retire in order to get back in shape and work on his golfing skills. “Instead of sporadically exercising, I’ve got a lot of time to do it,” said Stone.  

Although many students know that Stone played baseball, football, and soccer in college at UNC Chapel Hill, he occasionally plays golf. “I’ve just always enjoyed it, that was probably the last sport I got good at,” said Stone.

His love for golf started at a young age from watching his father play. Dr. Stone hopes to participate in multiple golf tournaments now that he has time to train and qualify.

When not golfing or hitting the gym, he comes back to Leesville and substitutes. He likes to substitute for honors and advanced placement science classes, especially since he used to teach AP Earth and Environmental.“I like to see the students being engaged in what they are doing,” said Stone.

Dr. Stone is truly a legend in the halls of Leesville. Next time Dr.Stone is at Leesville substituting, you should definitely start up a conversation with him.


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