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Dr. Stone’s Last Semester at Leesville

Dr. Stone’s Last Semester at Leesville

After 12 years of teaching at Leesville, Dr. Stone, a science teacher at Leesville, is retiring. Stone will continue to teach for the beginning of the year but will retire at the end of the first semester.

The announcement came as a shock to most Leesville students. “[Stone’s retirement] is going to have an effect on the Leesville community, and definitely the students that were looking forward to having him as a teacher,” said Eliza Bohinski, a junior currently in Stone’s AP Environmental Science class.

Stone reached the decision to retire after careful consideration. He chose to retire in order to work on golf full time. Although many Leesville students know that Stone played baseball, football, and soccer in college at UNC Chapel Hill, it may come as a surprise that Stone now plays golf. “I’m still an athlete, and my aspirations for athletics require full-time training, and I’m just tired of compromising. I want to still be competitive before I get too old,” said Stone.

Stone hopes to participate in multiple golf tournaments this spring. However in order to participate, he must first train to qualify. Stone worries that, if he were to continue teaching into the second semester, he wouldn’t have time to properly finish teaching the AP course and train. “The tournaments…are a week long, so, you can’t really teach an AP class and miss 25 days,” said Stone.

No matter what the reason is behind his retirement, Stone will be dearly missed by all Leesville students. The Leesville community wishes him luck in wherever life may lead him next.

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