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Teachers Request Supplies

As the school year begins, a request will echo through many classes at Leesville: “Please bring in school supplies from my wishlist.” The teachers at Leesville Road High School usually request at the beginning of the year for students to bring in supplies for the classroom such as tissues, whiteboard markers, pencils, and many other materials. Teachers are required to pay for all of their materials themselves, and the bill for all of the requested supplies could add up to hundreds of dollars without help from students and their families.

“Some of the items on my wish list were dry erase markers, paper towels…and tissues because those are lots of things that get used up throughout the year and I can never have too many of them, especially [dry erase] markers,” said Alexandra Bouchard, a Spanish teacher at Leesville.

As the school year goes on, supply donations tend to drop, as students aren’t school shopping as often as they do at the beginning of the year. Supplies such as tissues are quickly used up by students, especially during cold and flu season, which usually hits Leesville hard. With supplies running out quickly and donations dropping, teachers must either pay for materials themselves or go without.

If you are interested in donating supplies to your teacher, ask your teacher about their needs or go here for a list of teachers and their supply requests.



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