Music in the Pride

Students often listen to music while they work. This student has Spotify playing in the background while writing an essay. (Photo Courtesy of Francis Fleming)

Music plays a big role in a lot of people’s lives because there are so many ways people can use music to better themselves. Some people use music to focus on their work, other people may use music to push through a workout, and some people just use music to relax and make themselves happier. There are so many varieties of music that people listen to in so many different situations and seems to always make every situation better. 

Students often get bored during different tasks throughout the day, that could be doing chores, driving to and from school, or even walking in between classes. So, students try to spice up with some music. “Car rides would be boring without it,” said Jamal Mohamad, a senior. 

As Veda Ouwehand, a senior, said, “You can listen to music while doing anything.” 

Some students listen to music to focus. “It helps me focus on my schoolwork,” said Josh Thompson, a sophomore. Having music in the background of their studies helps students prevent spacing out and losing focus. 

There are many different types of music that students listen to and enjoy. “I like different forms of rock,” said Nolan Farabaugh, a junior. 

Other students like Mohamad and Thompson like rap. However, Ouwehand said, “I listen to most anything except rap and country.” Nigel Gibson, a junior, said, “Whatever sounds good to me I’ll listen to, it doesn’t really matter the genre.” 

Ouwehand said, “Music allows you to really connect with the artist, and open up.” She listens to artists like Frank Ocean, a more melodic R&B singer. Frank Ocean sings a lot about the hardships of life, and Ouwehand finds comfort in that. Ouwehand feels that Ocean really expresses her feelings, so she bonds with his music and loves listening to his music when she wants to open up.

Mohamad often finds himself listening to Blackbear. Mohamad described him as a slower more lyrical rapper than other rappers that are popular right now. “His songs have meaning to them, they aren’t just words randomly thrown in to make a rhyme.” Mohamad described most rap he hears mainstream today as “meaningless” and “mumbly”. Mohamad talked about one line from Blackbear: “I’m so sick of being tired, I’m so tired of being sick,” and said it was really introspective. 

Although Mohamad does not directly relate to Blackbear’s music, he can understand the feelings that Blackbear expresses in his music, and that is what brings Mohamad back to his music.

Thompson, on the other hand, really enjoys NLE Choppa a rapper who bases his music on being “hype” and enjoys listening to Choppa’s music during a workout or, “when I wake up sometimes.” Thompson also likes Travis Scott —  “The pure talent [he showcases] in his music [is unlike any other artist I’ve heard].” According to Thompson, Travis Scott is a good producer, who uses great lyrics and rhyme schemes in his music. The variety is Travis’ music is another thing that draws Thompson in. Travis Scott can make music that is slower and more in-depth lyrically, or he can make really upbeat music that gets Thompson “hype.”

Elizabeth Fleming, a senior, really likes listening to Tyler the Creator’s music. Tyler makes rap music and “explores a lot of ways of creative expression [in his music.” Tyler, in his most recently released album Igor, often raps/sings about, “falling in and out of love,” said Fleming. “I haven’t experienced that myself, but I can relate to emotions similar to that,” Fleming said, relating to Tyler’s music is really what draws Fleming to his music. 

Students listen to music all the time — in the car, in the shower, while doing homework, while working out, or anything else they might do. Some students listen to music so they can relate to an artists emotions, other students listen to music to get “hype”. 

There are so many reasons a student might like a song or an artist, and the variety in different types of music allows for every student to have an artist that they enjoy listening to and fits their personality. Music plays a huge role in a lot of students lives, and has helped a lot of students live a happier life.


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