How companies and consumers are making the switch to sustainable fashion

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There is more caution surrounding production and purchasing since the media is shedding more light on the environmental impacts of fast fashion in recent years. The education enables people to change their decisions on what companies they choose to support. For more information on fast fashion, click here

In order to make the items they sell environmentally-friendly, companies focus on how they can sustainably produce clothing and give back to others and the Earth. They can improve their environmental impact through planet-friendly production, treating workers right, making materials recyclable, and much more. 

There are many ways to ethically produce clothing. Whether it’s upcycling, repurposing, or being more cautious with the production process, there are ways to improve negative aspects of clothing production. Although it takes a little more money and effort, working for a better environment will benefit humankind.

By switching to sustainable fashion, there is a decrease in water usage, energy consumption, and chemicals in the ocean. Although it may seem like a small change, incorporating sustainable fashion into a company has a massive impact over time. Fast fashion is one of the main causes of pollution–a decrease will only do good.

Mainstream brands have begun to make the switch and experiment with sustainable fashion. In doing this, not only are these brands lessening their negative impacts, but they are opening their reach to people who only purchase from sustainable brands.

One of the most popular fast fashion brands–H&M– has recently come out with a new ethical clothing line. H&M Conscious, the companies movement for sustainably made clothing, has jumped in popularity. On their website, they advertise the line by saying “Shop our selection of sustainable fashion pieces that make you both look and feel good. Our range of organic and sustainable clothing offer you a variety of new wardrobe favorites – everything from soft knits and stylish t-shirts to the latest denim looks and comfortable underwear.” 

With 449 items for sale, there is an assortment of clothing for everyone. Designing an entire wardrobe based around basic pieces that are sustainably made is a step forward for H&M. Since they are one of the largest worldwide fast fashion brands, their actions influence others in the fashion field and consumers. 

Another big brand that has joined the sustainable fashion bandwagon is Urban Outfitters. Their Urban Renewal line incorporates vintage handpicked clothing and recycled fabrics. They headline the line by saying “We believe every piece should tell a story. Since the 1970s, UO has been carefully curating vintage items based on quality and uniqueness. Today, our Urban Renewal team continues to hand-pick merchandise from around the world. From one of a kind items to reimagined vintage that’s to “dye” for, each piece comes with its own history. Find the one that speaks to you.” 

Overdying the pieces they handpick create a new look that matches Urban Outfitters aesthetic, all while helping out the environment by reusing old, abandoned clothes. The line includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, and home decor. Their mission statement is “Discover, Curate, Repurpose.” 

They find unique pieces from all over the world, clean, redesign, and upcycle them to be purchased. This is just another example of a worldwide company taking steps in the right direction in favor of the environment.

Over time, more clothing companies will hopefully incorporate sustainable fashion into their brands. A conversion to an all ethical composition is extremely important when it comes to the environment.

Although it is easy to find ethically made clothing, the prices aren’t as affordable as fast fashion. When deciding what to purchase, there is a choice between cheap prices with damaging the environment and expense prices with no damage to the environment. 

An alternative to this choice is thrift shopping. Thrift stores have a compilation of donated clothes available at low prices. There is a variety of unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere else, making it somewhat similar to ethical fashion lines. 

Anyone can donate, so it is possible to find high quality items and purchase them for a small fraction of the original price. This helps the environment because instead of purchasing a new item from a fast fashion store, consumers can give a new home to someone else’s old piece.

Ethical production is becoming more prominent in the fashion industry. Not only should companies be attentive to their environmental impact, but consumers purchasing from them as well. Working towards an improved environment is a team effort–everyone must band together and take steps toward a greater future.



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