2019 Powderpuff expectations

Ellie and Caroline Thompson, sisters, pose after an easy win for the freshman team in 2018. Ellie played as a freshman, and Carolina played on the sophomore-junior-senior combined team (Photo used by permission of Jen Thompson).

As the weather becomes ever so slightly cooler and the leaves begin to change color, so comes the 2019 Powderpuff season.

For those who don’t know, Powderpuff is flag football with reversed gender roles — guys cheerlead from the sidelines and girls play flag football in teams based on grade.

In previous years, the Powderpuff interest has slowly declined due to a wide array of possible factors including rained out games, disappointment of what Powderpuff actually is, and lack of interest in general.

Last year for example, the freshman not only had a larger than normal team, but they beat the combined sophomore-junior-senior team last year. This year, executive and senior council want more involvement and greater interest in Powderpuff.

“I just feel seniors are going to get really hype and do the best we can do…try to beat the freshmen,” said Dani Dalrymple, senior and member of executive council. “[Exec council] wants to make [powderpuff] really good this year.

Many of last year’s freshmen are continuing their fight for Powderpuff champs as sophomores. Amaya Montague, member of the freshman team last year, feels her and the rest of the sophomores have just as much of a chance of winning this year as compared to last.

“I’m very excited [for this season]. I feel like if we can still get girls excited to like play football and not just like ‘Oh my gosh football is scary’, but have fun; just be out there with your friends, and I think that maybe we could beat the upperclassmen,” said Montague.

Sophie Roberts, member of executive council, says the council is a lot more proactive this year in terms of getting the word out for new players.

“Our council has really been into [powderpuff] this year trying to get the word out there…inviting our friends…hoping that with more encouragement and excitement more people will come,” said Roberts.  “It’s really fun to…cheer on your classmates and your friends.”

Come out on Tuesday, October 15 to watch Leesville’s girls play flag football and the boys cheer and coach from the sidelines.


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