Unique Clubs at Leesville

There are a lot of clubs at Leesville. Some clubs are very unique clubs like Irish Dance Club, German Club and many more. These clubs are so unique because other schools do not have them. (Photo used by permission of Irish Dance Club)

At Leesville there are 55 clubs,  each dedicated to a particular interest or activity. Some clubs are very different and unique, like the Super Smash club or the Irish dance club. 

Last year, Irish Dance Club began having their monthly meetings in room 234 on second Tuesdays after school at 2:30p.m. The President Abby Levceque and Vice President Sarah Dawkins started the club to educate those interested in Irish Dancing. “We talk about Irish culture and Irish Dance,” said Dawkins.

The Gardening Club takes place on second Mondays in Mr.Baldwin’s room. The Gardening Club’s purpose is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening. In the Gardening Club, they protect the quality of the environment by cleaning up areas around the school. “We kinda try and transform the school and make plans to make it into a cleaner environment,” said Everett McClain, president of the Gardening Club. Their current plan is to fill in the muddy areas from the student parking to the Richard Murphy building.

The Super Smash Club also takes place on second Mondays but in Mr.Stinor room. If you’re thinking about the Nintendo game then you’re correct. The Super Smash Club is dedicated to playing the well known game Super Smash Bros. During their meetings, they have mini tournaments and sometimes play Minecraft. “We just basically play the game and have fun,” said Ethan Pelton President of Super Smash Club.

Irish Dance Club, The Gardening Club and The Super Smash Club are all very different compared to the other clubs at Leesville. They are unique and have meetings to enjoy a common activity.


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