Would you give your dog up for one million dollars?

Above is my precious pooch Rudy. Life without his little face would be so sad (photo courtesy of Lucy Leen).

It’s a simple question: would you give up your dog for one million dollars? If you ask me, the answer is absolutely not, but what would Leesville say? 

The Mycenaean tweeted out a poll that asked that exact simple question. Out of 65 responses 31% said yes, they would give up their dog; and 69% said no, they wouldn’t give up their dog. 

According to an article written for Time Magazine titled “Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else” the relationship between humans and dogs can date back to over 14,000 years ago. Dogs evolved from friendly wolves that would approach humans while treading behind them in search of food scraps. From there humans and dogs became companions. The basis of the human and dog connection started as a symbiosis relationship– dogs perform tasks to assist humans, like hunt or herd, and are given food and shelter in return. 

With the start of their relationship dating back so far, humans and dogs have evolved together. According to an article titled “Man’s Best Friend: The Science Behind the Dog and Human Relationship” dogs have impacted the development of the human brain. From heightening our immune systems, to fighting dementia. 

It’s obvious human’s relationships with dogs has deepened. According to the same article written in Time magazine, the average American dog owner will spend more than $2,000 on their dog every year. Although this is a lot of money, dog owners very much consider their canines as a member of the family, therefore going to any extent to care for them is necessary. 

However, many non-dog owners pose their arguments to how dogs are not good pets. The most common argument appears to be that dogs require much attention. Because dogs require so much attention they can take away from important time and experiences in their owners life. 

People against owning a dog also fear their natural instincts. Dogs are trained to trust humans, but there is always a possibility that a dog’s behavior could turn aggressive. They can be territorial or defensive leaving their behavior unpredictable. 

 Many also argue that the amount of money spent on a dog is absurd. The average $2,000 a year Americans spend on their dogs a year is $2,000 less that could be donated towards helping humanity. Animal lovers won’t hesitate when it comes to paying for their pet’s expenses. However, when it comes to donating to a food drive or charity, many people are hesitant to contribute. 

There are two valid arguments when it comes to the opinions of owning a dog. Based on the results of the poll, people in the Leesville community will side with owning a dog. They feel what dogs give humans in return is priceless. However, after hearing the opposition maybe it’s time for dog owners to consider finding a balance in their contribution to animals and human society. 


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