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NC Governor’s School information

NC Governor’s School information
Meredith College hosts Governor’s School East every year. NCGS East lost its state funding in 2011, but private donors saved it from failure. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The NC Governor’s School is the oldest summer residential program in North Carolina; the school builds on student passions and experience. Governor’s School is an exciting way to meet new people and learn about new ideas. 

Sophomores have the choice of going to Governor’s School in the areas of choral or instrumental music and dance. Juniors can attend Governor’s School for a plethora of classes: English, Math, Sciences, world languages, and the fine arts.

The deadline for signing up for the information meeting is on Friday, September 27. The NCGS website has more information about meetings around North Carolina. Auditions for fine art classes are in January and February of next year. Letters of selection or non-selection are sent Early March– the 2020 Governor’s School session begins on Sunday, June 21 and ends on Wednesday, July 29. 

“Last year, I had 38 students express interest in Governor’s School,” said Mr. Greene– Dean of Counselors– over email. Two out of nine students who submitted their application got into Gov. School. Leesville should be represented more at the School; only one student ended up going to Governor’s School for the 2019 session. Although it may seem boring to go to school over the summer, it is a great opportunity for all students to experience. 

Colleges look for students who stand out, go above and beyond, and do something to boost their education as much as possible. Governor’s School will give students extra experience in the class they choose; Leesville has lots of diversity in classes. Students have plenty of options to choose from to expand their academic range.

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