Classes With Student Leaders

In some classes students are given specific leadership roles. These roles differ from class to class.The student leadership roles give students transferable skills the would not adapt from just going to school. (Photo courtesy of Alycia Melvin)

In yearbook, newspaper, chorus, and band, students have been chosen by teachers and seniors from the previous year to lead their classmates. These roles consist of the students doing things such as editing others’ work and instructing students on behavior.

In all three band classes, leadership roles have been earned by students throughout the years . The highest office position that is earned by a student is Captain. The captain of the Intermediate, Concert, and Symphonic band responsibility is to do countoff which is when students say their letter based off instrument and number based off chair rank. If a student is absent, the captain says their number, and the clerk circles it indicating that they are absent.   The Leesville band is military based, which is where countoff came from. Chief clerks and clerks are other important office positions in the band. The clerks are responsible for attendance and handing out important information. The symphonic band consists of 29 officer positions , the concert band consists of 18,and the intermediate has 16.

In chorus the major roles are President, Vice President, and Secretary. The president and Vice President keep the class settled and remind classmates of appropriate classroom behavior. The secretary’s job is to initiate what they call roll call, which is a way of attendance. Similar to band, there are other roles like student conductor and section leaders; the student conductor conducts the students when their teacher is absent, due to the fact, that most substitutes have training in other backgrounds which typically are not band.

Other classes that have student leaders are Newspaper and Yearbook, which are very similar. In both of these classes, the highest officer position would be Editor-In-Chief. The editor-in-chiefs in both classes oversee the staff in the class. In newspaper under the editor-in-chief are editors who are responsible for editing and posting classmates articles. Newspaper editors also edit staff writers articles and design the print newspaper three times a year.

Students given these roles develop the ability to handle adult issues. Having these roles help students with networking and gaining management skills. Furthermore, the roles awarded to these students will teach students how to balance school and develop well needed communication skills.


  1. FYI – the plural of Editor-in-Chief is Editors-in-Chief; same with attorneys general, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law

  2. Very interesting article. I fine myself informed on some of the ends and outs of how leesville band conduct different things. Great job..


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