Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

As the school year starts to edge towards its final months, the hallways become a collage of different colored posters — a signal of the upcoming elections. Each sign has their own cheesy line or catch-phrase to try to attract votes; even going as far as to tape candy to their poster to sway the public in their favor.

For the candidates, they have been looking forward to this week for months. Jannah Said, a sophomore running for junior class president, explained the process behind the elections. “You start really early, like a couple months before the actual election takes place.”

After going to a meeting with Ms. Mayfield (who also organizes the Executive Council) and gathering information, those who think they are a good fit for government continue the process.

“You have to get recommendation signatures from teachers to say that they think you have good character…they think you’re eligible…and your grades are good,” said Said. This is important, because the advisors want to ensure that the every candidate will be responsible enough for the role. Once eligible, the race to mobilize a campaign plan begins.

Candidates spend months planning and perfecting their campaign — from common posters to handmade buttons and stickers — because there’s only one week to get exposure. “The main point of the posters is so people know you’re running,” said Said. The sudden appearance of these loud posters and students covered in stickers are meant to grab the attention of the student body. Without this week of chaos, candidates wouldn’t be known to the public.

As quickly as they came, one by one the posters will fall after the election days, leaving the halls blank once more. It’s only a matter of time for the next round of elections, with decorated halls for all.


By Ellie Bruno, senior editor, 2020-21

Hi! My name is Ellie and I’m a senior editor, trending editor, and print editor for The Mycenaean. I am also a second degree blackbelt at Triangle’s best karate, floral assistant, and a self-proclaimed starving artist.  Just a chaotic libra whose only personality trait is how often she dyes her own hair

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