The Reality of Senioritis

“2048” is an addictive game available on phones and computers. The game is extremely dangerous, seeing as one game is never enough. So which is more important: school work or “2048?” Photo courtesy of Olivia Fontaine.

Urban Dictionary defines senioritis as, “a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors…” It goes on to explain common symptoms, including: “laziness” and “an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts and sweatshirts.”

At the beginning of this school year, I promised myself that I would not let senioritis affect my work ethic or GPA. What I failed to recognize is how unavoidable the “disease” really is.

My senioritis started with the avoidance of all homework. If I didn’t complete a task or assignment at school, the likelihood of completion remained small. In order to avoid punishment for my uncompleted assignments, I began to skip class periods when I knew those assignments were due. Unfortunately, this cycle continued for too long and has now spun out of control.

This article is a prime example of my chronic senioritis. Here I am, turning in my “Reality of Senioritis” article two weeks late. How ironic.

As I searched for anything to do but my homework, I stumbled upon a game called “2048.” Instead of catching up on my missing work or completing my current assignments, my mission everyday was to master the game. For two months straight, I played game after game. During many of these games, I came very close to success, only to fail at the last moment. You truly do not know frustration until you are one tile away from beating “2048” and blow the game.

When all hope seemed lost and success did not look realistic, a light appeared at the end of my tunnel.

Finally, my two months of hard work and determination had paid off. I reached my goal and defeated “2048.” Honestly, it was completely worth it. I have claimed bragging rights and acquired the title of “2048 Queen”.

I truly hope that reading this article has made you feel better about yourself and your work ethic. I push you to fight senioritis and never, ever let “2048” get in the way of your academic success like I did.



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