The Most Important Meal of the Day

In order to avoid skipping breakfast, it is a good idea for buy easy on-the-go snacks. A bottled drink and packaged breakfast snacks are quick and easy to eat on the way to school. (Photo courtesy of Olivia Fontaine.)

Many view breakfast as the most important meal of the day, but how significant is the early morning meal to our daily productivity and success? Does consuming a nutritious breakfast positively affect the rest of our day?  

Hundreds of students skip the meal, choosing a couple minutes of extra sleep over eating breakfast. Although this habit is very popular in schools nationwide, it is quite unhealthy. A number of studies conducted prove whether breakfast truly has a valuable impact on daily efficiency. Contrary to many students’ beliefs, starting each school day with breakfast has many positive impacts on mood and productivity. A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review explained that lack of nutrition has a direct link to decreased concentration. “Just about everything we eat is converted by our body into glucose, which provides the energy our brains need to stay alert. When we’re running low on glucose, we have a tough time staying focused and our attention drifts. This explains why it’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach,” said Ron Friedman, a writer for the Harvard Business Review.

Even though published studies show reliable information, a number of students still choose to skip the early morning meal.

Some express their lack of appetite at such an early hour. “I do not eat breakfast on school days,” said Lauren Petrini, a student at Leesville. “I’m waking up at 6:15, so food is the last thing I’m thinking about. Breakfast just really isn’t that appetizing so early in the morning,” said Petrini.

Other students choose to skip breakfast just to save time.

I personally miss breakfast occasionally, simply because I lose track of time and have to rush to school. On the days I miss eating a filling breakfast, I am distracted by my hunger for the rest of the day.

Regarding these situations, many experts would suggest finding any other way to consume enough nutrients in the morning. Loads of individuals overlook the importance of supplying the body with energy for the day ahead.

For the students who do eat their daily breakfast, a missed meal will have a negative impact on the rest of the day. “I eat breakfast every day before school. If I skip breakfast, I am hungry until lunch and usually in a bad mood,” said Vaughn Toler, a student at Broughton High School.

Research has found that individuals are more likely to skip breakfast as they grow older. A fifth grader is much more likely to enjoy a nice, relaxed breakfast than a senior in high school, who rushes to class every morning and forgets to grab a breakfast bar on the way out.

Focus, productivity and a good mood aren’t the only benefits that come with eating breakfast. Weight loss has been linked to the daily intake of a hearty breakfast, considering it decreases your appetite for foods and snacks in between meals. The morning meal has also been associated with an increase of energy and productivity throughout each day. The body needs fuel to function throughout the day, and it is our job to provide ourselves with the appropriate nutrients.

There is no question that consuming morning breakfast comes with more advantages than disadvantages. A daily breakfast allows individuals to start the day off right.


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