Should Students Have Access to Cool Math Games?

Cool Math Games is a game website that has been very popular among students over the past decade. Originating in 1997, the website has been entertaining students for a long time. (Photo Public Domain)

A very popular website that many students use during their free time at school is Cool Math Games. The website is a place for child friendly games, some educational and some just for fun. With hundreds of games for people of any age, it’s easy for students to find a game they enjoy.

Because of the popularity of the website, any student at Leesville Road High School can tell you about their favorite games. Many students spend a large amount of time on the site during the school day; the wide usage of Cool Math Games has sparked up some controversy as to if it’s okay for Wake County to allow access to the website through the school Wifi.

Students may spend time on the website that could be used for learning. Brian Knowles, a sophomore at Leesville, plays games “to procrastinate so [he] doesn’t have to do his work.” Knowles believes that using Cool Math Games can be beneficial. “They are math games, they help the brain,” he said.

Although some games can be educational, a lot of them have nothing to do with math. Riley Bendall, a sophomore at Leesville, plays games that “are not usually math related.” She plays a lot of the popular games among students like Run and all of Papa’s Restaurants games–both games that have no relation to math.

Bendall thinks it’s okay for students at Leesville to have access to Cool Math Games as long as they are using it responsibly. “Some students can get distracted by it, if you’re using it responsibly, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem,” she said.

Spencer Scott, a sophomore at Leesville, thinks that Cool Math Games is an outlet for students to get away from all the stress school can cause. “When I’m done with a test or something, I find a computer and go on it,” Scott said. “It’s a great way to take your head off of school.”

Although high school students enjoy spending their free time during the school day playing games, they know how important it is to maintain the work load before switching to entertainment. “If I had work to do I would do that and then Cool Math,” said Scott.



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