Senioritis guest writer: It’s hit hard (Episode Three)

I often find myself zoning out during class thinking of all the sleep I am missing by being in school. However, I remind myself to stay motivated and not succumb to the effects of senioritis. (Photo courtesy of McKenna Daley)

When Hannah asked me to write an installment of her senioritis series, I was so excited! However, I quickly realized I would have to actually write; I considered backing out, but decided I needed to persevere and face my laziness head on.

So here we are! I have always heard about senioritis and how seniors get to a point where they literally don’t do anything. I completely brushed off the idea and figured that would never be me. Both of my sisters in twelfth grade remained very invested and engaged in school, so I thought I would follow in their footsteps.

That was junior McKenna. Senior McKenna believes senioritis is a legitimate illness and is very fast progressing. At the beginning of the year, I was on time to school everyday, occasionally stayed on campus for lunch to complete homework, and put effort in dressing nice. Fast forward to mid-October, and I am embarrassed of some of my habits. Just so I can sleep in five extra minutes, I will wear my pajamas to school or go to sleep in leggings and a tee so I just have to wake up and brush my teeth. In class, I sometimes feel like I am just going through the motions.

Being productive? I don’t know what that means. Time management? Don’t know her. Passion for school? It’s burned out. While I would like to remain optimistic, I know that I am on a slippery slope with senioritis. I have already seen a degradation in some of my habits, and can only hope that I am able to delay further progression of senioritis. Wish me luck!


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