Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

One year ago the class of 2021 reflected on their first days of high school. With their freshman year under their belt, they are now reflecting on the start of their sophomore year.

As freshmen, many students enjoyed the freedom of high school compared to middle school,  “My favorite aspect has been being able to get to class on your own and being treated like adults,” said Scott Martin, in September of his freshman year.

Another popular aspect students enjoyed was SMART lunch, many used this hour to socialize in the cafeteria  “I eat lunch in the pit area near the stage,” said Sydney Mudd, in September of her freshman year. However, as sophomores some of their opinions have changed.

“My favorite part [of school] now is probably football games,” said Sydney Mudd, sophomore and member of the varsity cheer team. Football games are often liked by students do to the social scene and exciting atmosphere.

“My favorite aspect [of school] this year is taking advantage of driving to school, because it’s a lot different and easier,” said Scott Martin, a sophomore at Leesville. Very few sophomores are able to drive at the beginning of the school year, but students like Martin who are among those driving are enjoying every minute of it.  

While students reflect on what they are enjoying they also have to focus on adjusting to their new classes. In regards to the workload, the sophomores agree that this year is more challenging than freshmen year.

“I’m adjusting well, but [classes are] a little tougher than last year. I have way more homework this year, last year I was able to do my homework in class but now I have to take it home, so it’s a little more work than last year,” said Asis Johnson, sophomore.

Although the workload may be greater, the sophomores find adjusting to their classes is easier. “I would say my classes aren’t as easy as they were last year, but it’s easier managing time and work,” said Jasper Murphy, sophomore at Leesville. The sophomores more confident in tackling the challenges of new classes and with that comes a smooth transition.

Since the sophomores are familiar with the school, they have began to notice changes made form last year to now. “One huge difference is the policies. The phone policies and the bathroom policies,” said Johnson, sophomore. All sophomores interviewed mentioned the new cell phone and bathroom regulations being implemented this year. The students agree the new rules are irritating, but in the long run don’t affect them heavily.

The sophomores also notice a change within their own class. “Everyone in my class has got a lot more mature,” said Murphy. No longer freshmen, the sophomores feel a new sense of respect from classmates and teachers.

With their second week of sophomore year under their belt, students in the class of 2021 are already looking forward to what the year has to offer. “ [I look forward to] building more relationships with classmates and my friends,” said Mudd. “I’m looking forward to Lacrosse season,” said Murphy.

Whether it’s sports, friends, or classes that the sophomore’s are looking forward they anticipate to have a great year ahead of them.

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