Freshmen Reflect on Their First Days at Leesville Road High School

You can find the majority of the underclassmen eating their lunch or socializing with friends in the cafeteria. Students have the opportunity to eat in many areas around the school such as the courtyard, multipurpose room, or teachers’ classrooms. (photo courtesy of Lucy Leen)

The new school year has begun and the freshmen are embarking on the first days of their high school journeys. As the freshmen navigate the halls looking for their classes, they are starting to feel apart of the Pride.

“It’s not as scary as I thought it would be. The teachers are supportive, and they really involve you with the class,” said Allison June Mabe, freshman.

Anyone would agree the first week of high school is a nerve racking experience, but the Leesville family eases those nerves.

Now that the freshmen first day nerves are gone, the class of 2021 are enjoying every minute of being out of middle school. When asked what their favorite aspect of Leesville was, Scott Martin, a LRHS freshman, said, “My favorite aspect has been being able to get to class on your own and being treated like adults.”

Many new students agree that lunch is the best time to socialize. As the lunch bell rings, the stampede of underclassmen charge toward the cafeteria. “I eat lunch in the pit area near the stage,” said Sydney Mudd, a freshman at Leesville.

The “pit” seems to a popular eating area among the freshmen. One four person table often fits a group of ten friends around it.

The more comfortable the freshmen become the more active they become in the Leesville community. Many freshmen plan on joining clubs or sports teams. The Spanish club catches the attention of many new students because of the fun activities they do. The new wave of students brings new talent, eager to try out for one of Leesville’s great athletic teams. After hearing from freshmen, some popular sports are cheer, basketball, and lacrosse.

High school will present new challenges to these freshman. More work, higher level classes, and higher level thinking are just some of these challenges. Freshman year is an important year of high school, and focus and determination is key.

But most importantly freshmen can’t forget to enjoy themselves. As Jasper Murphy, a freshman at Leesville, said, “I’m having a good ol’ time at Leesville.”


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