The Apple Watch

With its numerous apps and gadgets, the Apple Watch makes for a convenient and useful device. Although it costs a pretty penny, the watch is worth every dime. (Photo Courtesy of Kyla Stone-Houze)

The Apple Watch is not only an accessory to wear but also serves as an extension to the iPhone. It’s for everyone and works especially well for a person who is constantly working in a business-like environment, exercising, has health problems, or prefers quick access to anything within their phone.

As a student, having an Apple Watch doesn’t really do anything for me when it comes to school except allow me to text someone as discreetly as possible in class. However, as an athlete who has epilepsy, I couldn’t be without it.

The Apple Watch consistently tracks my heart rate (exercising or not), marks the rates of my exercise (after I choose a category), and vibrates when it notices a change in my breathing. It also has a health feature that has my medical info information that lets people know what do and who to call if I were ever to have a seizure.

There are different models, sizes, and colors when it comes to the Apple Watch, each having their own price. According to Apple, the price of any the Apple Watch usually ranges from $249 (series 1) – $329 (series 3, the newest version). The only difference between the older versions and the Series 3 is that it has a built-in GPS feature.

Apple Watch comes in handy and is worth the money it costs because its sturdy glass face and metallic body makes the device durable, setting it apart from other smart devices. The Series 1’s water resistance also helps avoid severe internal damage when exposed to water, and the newer models are waterproof, giving them greater protection from the elements.

The Apple Watch is just the most popular out of them because of its maker.

It has also been a thought of mine that customers are paying more for the Apple brand than the watch itself. There’s this thought that Apple purposefully prices their products at a higher rate because they know that customers will pay for its products simply because of the reason that it is by Apple.

Owning an Apple Watch is makes things easier but isn’t a must have. There are other wrist devices that can do the same things as the Apple Watch and cost less. Two include the Samsung Gear S3 which is around $300 being in the same field of the Apple Watch and the Fitbit which starts at about $99.    


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