Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

Although Migos, a hip-hop trio from Georgia, formed nearly 10 years ago, they didn’t gain popularity until 2013. In 2013, Migos released their first hit song “Versace”, which reached 99th on the Billboard Top 100 that year. However, it wasn’t until their collaborations with famous artist such as Drake, 2Chainz and Chris Brown that gave them the platform to release their top grossing album: Culture. Now, exactly 1 year later, Migos have released the highly anticipated sequel Culture II.

“Stir Fry”, which was produced by Pharrell Williams, was released a month before Culture II. The song instantly became popular, thus getting fans ready for the drop of Culture II.  

However, the album was short of being “boujee”–it was just bad. The trio released 24 original songs, although they sounded quite similar to their previous. Many of the songs sound like recycled beats and lyrics. For example, ”Deadz” from Culture and “Open it Up” from Culture II share the many of the same lyrics, including Quavo’s “uh-ohhh” repeated throughout the songs.

The songs follow a common theme found throughout modern hip-hop. The latest “rap” repeats meaningless lyrics with a few beat drops mixed in. Earlier this year Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” reached number 3 on the charts. In the two-minute song, Lil Pumps raps “gucci gang” 53 times.

I have to give these rappers credit, they have created a following that will hype up any song with a beat. So is it really the artist that are fueling this lack of meaning in the  hip-hop culture? Or is it the fans that keep coming back to listen to worn out phrases, beats and lyrics?

What happened to J. Cole, Drake, and Chance the Rapper creating rhythmic poetry with a purpose? Instead we get Culture II — a whole album that repeats the same recycled lyrics and beats as Culture.

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