Fetty Wap: The show must go on

Fetty Wap went on an mini FMF tour and made Raleigh his final stop. The Ritz hosted the event on February 25. (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

On Sunday, February 25, Fetty Wap visited the Ritz as part of his For My Fans (FMF) Tour. The two-time grammy nominated rapper  released his top grossing album, Fetty Wap, in September of 2015. As a part of his comeback tour, Fetty performed songs from the album titled Fetty Wap. Fetty sang many top hits from the album which featured Monty–another rapper.

However, the highly anticipated artist was three hours late to his concert. Yes, that’s right, three hours. Fans were standing in the crowded, hot and uncomfortable Ritz waiting for him to show up. There were two performers who performed at 8. They each performed two songs, but those acts were 2 hours before Fetty arrived. At that point, it’s the DJ’s job to hype up the crowd while everyone was waiting. The DJ failed to do so, he didn’t even introduce the opening artist, no one knew who they were.

The two opening artist hyped up the crowd for about 15 minutes but left the stage empty and quiet after. The Ritz is a stand-only venue — therefore, legs were sore, and people were ready to leave by the time Fetty showed up.

Finally, once Fetty Wap entered the building, he immediately pleased the crowd by getting straight to the point. He sang a total of eight songs in a 40 minute period and then abruptly walked off stage to conclude the show.

The actual execution of each song was perfect — the rapper is a great live performer. The crowd was hype as Fetty wap and Monty sang Trap Queen, My Way and Again. One of Fetty’s crew members entertained the audience by dancing and interacting with the first few rows. He threw merchandise and even sprayed water into the crowd.

Overall, the concert was worth it for about 40 minutes, but with tickets starting at $50, 40 minutes just wasn’t enough.  The lack of organization and the short duration made this concert not worth the $50. The price for the ticket was too much for such a uncoordinated and undermineded performance. Maybe next time Fetty Wap should use two eyes to check the clock. As they say in the show-biz, “and that’s a Wap.”


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