Mrs. Wright’s Path to Leesville

Laura Wright began her career at Leesville Road High School four years ago. Here she teaches Principles of Business and Finance, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

When choosing to become a teacher, it normally is a decision that individuals make going into college. They prepare for the position by taking education courses and student teaching at schools. But one teacher in particular took an interesting path that brought her to become a part of the Pride. And, looking back on the past 14 years as a teacher, Laura Wright could not be happier.

Wright received her first college degree from Elizabeth City University, double majoring in accounting and business administration, receiving bachelor’s in both, and minoring in economics and finance. There, she participated in business and accounting clubs. With these clubs, she traveled to different business headquarters. Wright sat in on different meetings with fortune 500 companies and was exposed to the world of business. These fortune 500 companies had a program where students were giving big projects and could compete for internships or chances to work with the company. Ms. Wright, competing against hundreds of colleges, won one of the 15 positions with these companies and was giving the opportunity to work in New York.

In New York, Wright worked an auditing job. She went around and audited, specifically, nonprofit companies. This was her start to the auditing section. With her background in accounting and business administration, it gave Wright the advantage she needed to acquire her position with a big company. Working as a single woman this position was ideal for her at the time, although it had to end after only a few months. Ms. Wright’s 45 minute commute to and from work each day was lengthened to two hours after the 9/11 attacks. Her company gave prestigious recommendations to those who could not continuing traveling those distances, and Wright was on her way back to North Carolina.

Once back in NC, she met up with an old professor who tried to interest her in teaching but Wright declined. She took up a job for a German engineer who made underwater cameras. Wright worked as a bookkeeper and did accounting for the gentleman. But, her professor did not stop trying, and eventually Wright agreed to start teaching some classes. She acquired her business education degree from Elizabeth City University. After becoming a mother, she realized that the job she had was not conducive to the schedule she needed to be a mom.

Working as a teacher her schedule was flexible and allowed her to do what she needed to do with her daughters and family.

Ms. Wright started teaching at community colleges — The Living Arts college in North Carolina, and The Medical Arts School. She primarily taught micro and macro economics. After exploring teaching for ten years, Ms. Wright finally made her first appearance at Leesville four years ago. “I love teaching at Leesville. I love the kids. You know I’ve always been asked to go back to the office, but now I love the passion of teaching,” said Ms. Wright.

At Leesville, she teaches Principles of Business and Finance, Sports and Entertainment Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

Ms. Wright is currently taking classes at Capella for her doctorate. She will be graduating with her PhD in May of 2018. Although Ms. Wright took the road less traveled to become a teacher, she has found her passion here and for now business and education is where ms. wright is to stay. “So the one secret that I wish everyone would know is never stop educating yourself — find out what you don’t know and then go take a class.”


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