New Additions to the Gym

In the above image is the spectator entrance to the LRHS main gym. The doors are wrapped with a vinyl material that makes the Leesville Pride name pop (photo courtesy of Lucy Leen)

Before you enter the LRHS gym you can enjoy the impressive new renovations that have been made. Thanks to the ideas from Jack Rogers, athletic director at Leesville, and the funding from the PAC club, the Pride gym is screaming Leesville spirit.

The doors in which you enter into the gym from the locker room side are decorated with the “BE LEESVILLE” motto that came about last school year. The spectator entrance doors are also decorated, but with the “Leesville Pride” name. Once inside the gym the Leesville logo appears on the back of the doors, glorifying the home of the Pride.

“The wrapping of the doors is something that just brings a visual effect to the gym. It makes it look sharp, clean, neat,” said Russ Frazier, men’s varsity basketball head coach.

Renovation to the gym came about in honor of Leesville’s  25 anniversary. Rogers and members of the PAC club decided this would be a great year to bring new life into aspects of Leesville. “[the gym] always is clean, but it started to look a little old and dated,” said Rogers.

So far, the response to the gym’s new look has been very positive. “It’s been awesome, everybody that has come in loves them…I think it makes it look more like a sports gym,” said Rogers. Leesville athletics draw in huge crowds — the gym’s new look is anticipated build the crowds enthusiasm and support towards Leesville.

Players are also looking forward to their season in the new gym. “I like the ‘BE LEESVILLE’ moto it gives us a new attitude to team up together, learn how to play together and it gets everybody involved,not just us as a basketball team,” said Jalen Benjamin, junior at Leesville, and member of the varsity men’s basketball team.

Improvements of the gym are not done. Along with the wrapping of the doors, plans have been made to install new wall pads on each end of the gym. “We are going to get the floor redone, not just painted but resurfaced. We have a scorers table coming in, and in the very near future new lighting. We also are going to get the sound system worked on as well,” said Rogers.

Details regarding the soon to be changes in the gym have not been released. However, “Home venues will be become valuable… it will be fun to watch,” said Frazier as a promise to the Loonies and supporters of the Pride.

Come see the new additions to the gym yourself this winter. Come support the men’s and women’s basketball teams, as well as, wrestling this winter as they all compete in their new and improved home.




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