College Fair Inspires Leesville Students

Elizabeth City State University, Greensboro College, Guilford College, and Johnson & Wales University representatives/ alumni set up their booths at Leesville’s college fair in the cafeteria. Colleges that attended the fair handed out information slips, pencils, or stickers for their school. (Photo Courtesy of Hannah Comeskey)

For high schoolers, one of the most stressful parts of their high school career is figuring out what they want their future to look like– where they want to go to college, what they want to major/ minor in, and what profession they want to pursue.

To help guide students through the first part of their journey, i.e. college, the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) hosted a two part college fair on October 24.

The first part of the fair was a presentation given by three speakers from The Princeton Review in the auditorium. The first two speakers primarily focused on informing the audience on the costs of attending college and all about financial aid. To finish up the presentation, the third speaker discussed the differences between the SAT and the ACT as well as explained tactics to help tackle the standardized test taking process. Afterwards, two autographed copies of The Complete Book of Colleges: 2018 Edition was raffled off to students.

“[My favorite part about the fair was when] they told us how to basically beat the test for the SAT and the ACT. I thought that was pretty cool,” said Haley McDonald, Leesville Junior.

The group of students and parents then transitioned from the auditorium to the cafeteria where multiple colleges, educational resources, and various ROTC programs had booths set up for students to visit and speak with a representative. They could find out information about the college, when open houses were, what specific area the college may specialize in, and other information regarding admittance.

Jeb Thaxton, Leesville senior, said, “[The most beneficial part of the fair is that] they had alumni from certain colleges. They had their experiences so they could tell you what they thought about it, you could get more information about the colleges so you can get a better grasp on if you think you’re going to like it there. They also had a half hour long talk about financial aid for parents and students so they understand [the costs of college].”

With more background information on the college admittance process, students are more prepared for the steps it takes to apply for the colleges of their choice.


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