Social Justice Club collects materials for Hurricane Harvey victims

Helena Bunte, Leesville freshman and member of Social Justice Club, makes a poster advertising the collection for Hurricane Harvey victims. The collection will run from October 17 to October 30, and donations should be placed in the bins in the school’s main lobby and in the lobby of the Murphy building. (Photo courtesy of Sydney Tucker)

On August 25, Hurricane Harvey began to batter the Texas coast as a Category Four hurricane.  Catastrophic flooding left many people without the basic necessities of life.  In an effort to bring relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey, the Leesville Road High School Social Justice Club is collecting materials for victims of Hurricane Harvey from October 17 to October 30.

Acceptable donations to the collection include clothes, school supplies, toys, blankets, bottled water, canned food, pet food, and baby food.  Donors should place items in the collection bins located in the main lobby of the school and in the lobby of the Murphy building.

The Social Justice Club was created during the 2016–2017 school year.  According to Kayla Pope, Leesville senior and the Social Justice Club President, the club had a rough start last year due to the changes to SMART Lunch; however, she has clear goals in mind for this year.

“We really just want to do as many fundraisers and things as we can to help out people in our local communities as well as people that are hurting worldwide,” said Pope.

Ashley Brodnick, a Leesville senior and the Social Justice Club Environmental Committee Chair, would like to see the Social Justice Club benefit as many people as possible.

“We would like to help as many people as we can,” Brodnick said.  “[The Social Justice Club is] here to address the needs of the people.”

As a new member of the Social Justice Club, Brodnick said she joined the club in order to further pursue her passion for protecting the environment.

“[The Social Justice Club is] just another way for me to help out my community and bring awareness to environmental topics, and I thought it would be great to just help those affected by natural disasters,” said Brodnick.

Pope hopes to see more than just members of the Social Justice Club donating to the collection, and both Pope and Brodnick strongly encourage everyone at Leesville to donate.

“[People should donate] to help provide relief to victims and give back to a community that’s been really badly affected by something they couldn’t control,” Pope said.


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