Upcoming Men’s Basketball Tryouts

The expectations for this coming season is set high by Russ Frazier, basketball coach. Men’s basketball athletes have been preparing themselves for tryouts and the upcoming basketball season. (Photo Courtesy of Kyla Stone-Houze)

Basketball tryouts start in November. The school year has just started but that means nothing for our fall athletes. This includes the many sportsmen who have long been planning on participating in tryouts for the men’s varsity basketball team. The school year is fresh and the basketball season seems bright for men’s varsity as the month draws closer to season tryouts.

Most of the men’s varsity veterans (from last year) and a few newcomers have been putting in work all summer. “I usually stay in the gym for about six hours a day, working on a lot of ball handling and a lot of shooting. I also played tons of open gym. I had to play to get some conditioning in and make sure my game was good playing against live people,” said Jalen Benjamin, Leesville junior.

Those planning on attending this year’s basketball tryouts have had the opportunity to sharpen their movements on the court, whip their bodies into shape, and better their overall basketball skills. “For my body, I lifted every other day focusing on my upper body strength, explosiveness, and my first step (a power step/dribble combo). Also, I ran a lot to make sure I would get use to the speed of the game again,” said Benjamin.

It’s what goes on behind the scenes that can really affect how an athlete performs.  

Russ Frazier, head coach of the men’s varsity, expects tryouts to go well and intends on building a team that will perform collectively and dominate any court they play on. “I’m expecting to pick up right where we left off last year. I want it to really feel like we never even took a break,” said Benjamin.

Looking towards the new coming season, Frazier believes it will all go well.

“One of the biggest things is to check basic fundamentals, but one of the other things is that we try to let the boys play as much as possible to make sure they get their opportunity to play. What it really boils down to is whether they can play or not. My expectations are the same for everyone on the first day of tryouts. Usually on the first day everyone is nervous and so I expect all the players to be nervous,” said Frazier.  

Last year’s players believe that all it takes to make it past tryouts is the effort and dedication shown out there on the court. “If you give absolute effort every single time, Frazier will have no problem with you. Trying your best is the most important thing and as long as you do that, you should be good,” said Rj Wilson, Leesville junior.

As Frazier and his players get ready for what’s to come, they await the season with positive mindsets.


  1. This article is both uplifting and inspiring. How wonderful to learn that Leesville has such caring and supportive students. Nicely written. Thanks!


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