25 Years of Incred18ble

The senior wall features a design meant to capture a lion’s regality. The wall took over 44 hours to complete, but the hard work proved to pay off. (Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Spear)

This summer, the class of 2018 continued the 11 year tradition of the senior wall. The wall greets students and visitors alike to the Pride campus.

The senior wall has always been impressive year after year, and this year’s is no different. With the pressure to follow last year’s senior wall, it has surpassed the high expectations set.

The wall features a roaring lion surrounded by clouds and sun beams, as well as the phrase “25 Years of Incred18ble” to celebrate the 25 years Leesville has been open.

Seo Young Yang, senior, created the design for the wall. “I read a quote [in] last year’s yearbook that said: “The sky’s the limit.” It sparked me the idea of a lion as the Sun, beaming golden rays of sunlight through the limitless sky. Instead of the fierce, wild image of a lion, I wanted my design to show the more regal, side like the king of a Pride,” said Yang, via text.

The process to bring the wall to life was long and strenuous, taking over 44 hours throughout the course of one week. The group, which included Yang, Emma Sheppard, Emma Holloway, seniors, and Mrs. Sarah Cade, battled intense heat, adding on to the stressful and intimidating project.

“It was definitely a lot more tiresome than we thought it was going to be…we thought that we would be done in a couple of days, but it ended up taking a week since we could only work during certain hours,” said Holloway, senior painter.

Ultimately, although the work was tedious, it was still an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those who participated. “It was really fun, and it was really great being able to work on the wall. People walking by and just saying how great of a job we were doing was really encouraging and really special because it’s not something that you get to do everyday,” said Holloway.

The wall ended up needing 8.5 gallons of paint, paint rollers, brushes, chalk, and many trips to Lowe’s.

The senior wall will continue to be a tradition at Leesville for many years to come, and this time around, the class of 2018 has made their mark.


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