Leesville theatre department hosts End-Of-Year Banquet

During the banquet, seniors gathered on stage to take a final photo together. Afterwards, all active members of the troupe joined for another photo. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Daumen.)


On Thursday, May 31, the theatre department hosted a banquet for all thespians involved in Leesville theatre. Members of ITS, the international thespian society, and all those involved in the theatre department, brought in food to eat during the festivities.

After filling up their plates with a wide variety of foods, attendees sat down to watch a short awards ceremony. Awards included Best Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Actor/Actress in a Lead Role, Best Crew, Best Soft Tech Crew Head, and Best Hard Tech Crew Head for both the play and the musical. Earlier, members of ITS voted in a survey on who they believed deserved each award.

The banquet also included a send-off for the seniors.  Lanie Martin, winner of the Best Actress in a Supporting Role, said, “[Ms. Tarson and Ms. Wrayno, the directors,] recognized each senior individually, and each senior had their moment to shine.” Tarson and Wrayno said a small introduction for each senior, including their past history in shows, as well as their major, and  where they will be attending college.

“It was nice being able to see everybody as a group in a happy environment,” said Meghan McAnarney, senior and winner of the Best Soft Tech Crew Head award. As each senior was recognized, they received a plaque with all the shows Leesville has produced the last four years, as well as their cords for graduation. Finally, all graduating seniors gathered together on the stage in the cafeteria for the last time for a group picture.

This banquet differed from past years in that Ms. Tarson did not announce next year’s season. Typically, Tarson releases clues towards the upcoming shows for next year, and members of the theatre department can guess the season for next year; and the correct answers are usually announced during the banquet.

So, after this year’s banquet, a new element of surprise was added: Members of the theatre department are now left guessing what the shows will be next year. Now, members of the department look forward to discovering next year’s season and are looking forward to next year.


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