Top Netflix TV Shows Students Are Watching

To many students, there is nothing like getting engrossed into their favorite TV show. The most interesting thing about these favorite TV shows is the top three shows among Leesville students are all as different from each other as they could be, showing the diversity of our high school.

With the summer coming up, chances are Leesville Road High School students will have more spare time on their hands, and what better way to be entertained than getting into a new TV show? With apps and websites such as Netflix, students can watch whatever TV show they want whenever they want, and many students certainly take advantage of that. Here are Leesville’s top three favorite Netflix TV Shows.

  1. The Office

Many Leesville students are entertained by the hilarious nature of this show. Some students have even gone as far as to call it “relatable”. The documentary-style TV show explores what happens inside of a paper company office, and it is absolutely hilarious. Each character has their own individual personality, and almost everybody can relate to one character or another.

  1.  13 Reasons Why

Many students all over the place have been talking about the show 13 Reasons Why, based off of the book written by Jay Asher. Students enjoy the show because it is different, which is certainly true. It explores the story of Hannah, a teen who takes her own life, and how it affects the other people around her.

  1. Stranger Things

Many students are awaiting October 31 and not just because of Halloween parties, but because of the release of Stranger Things Season 2. In just eight short episodes, students have been pulled into the mystery of the main character, Eleven. Students enjoy that the show itself is not your typical TV show, and they enjoy the suspense each episode brings.

Some Honorable Mentions

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Orange is the New Black

Grey’s Anatomy

The Fosters


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