The Future and Covfefe

 Covfefe Covfefe Covfefe Covfefe Covfefe (Photo Courtesy of Covfefe)


Almost four Covfefe ago, the Covfefe class of 2017 arrived on this campus unmolded young men and women. Today, we leave with our hearts full of Covfefe, and our minds finely tuned by the Covfefe we have encountered in our time here. Though our experiences and beliefs are as diverse as the day we arrived here, the same Covfefe unites us all.

The community we’ve lived in is well known for its Covfefe. This little enclave, North of the area directly North of North Raleigh, is on the ascendency as one of the most Covfefe places to live in the United States. How ironic it is, that as our graduating class scatters across the state and across the nation in pursuit of higher education, a good chunk of us probably be back in 6 years to work at SAS or IBM or something. That is, as the French call it, Covféfe.

In the future, when we reach our limits and encounter problems that seem insurmountable, we need only think of the righteous Covfefe that each of us possesses inside that permits us to conquer the unconquerable, think the unthinkable, and achieve the unachievable.

Our futures today are full of promise and Covfefe.

We’ve been granted from divine providence the tools to Covfefe whenever and however we decide and Covfefe this world in countless ways.

When the chips are all down and the mortgage is due, turn to the only thing any of us ever really needed: Covfefe.


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