Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

A new craze in men’s fashion has taken the internet by storm. Dubbed the “RompHim” by the creators ACED Design, the male alternative to the traditional romper has become instantly viral ever since its first appearance last week.

Debuting on Kickstarter on May 15, the fundraiser to support the RompHim has generated over $365,000 at the time of writing, or over 36 times their original goal of $10,000. The creators, needless to say, are ecstatic. The developers claim “We didn’t foresee it being so popular on day one, but yet here we are.”

Reactions to the trend are, however, polarizing to say the least. Numerous web reviews have bashed the product as being overtly niche and lacking in practicality, while others have lauded it as the next big thing in men’s fashion.

Local voices at Leesville have also taken to Twitter to retweet the events. One such retweet in particular has caught the eye of many at our school, in which Ted Cruz provides his own spin on a photo for a caption contest.

Others at LRHS want to have their opinions of the trend known verbally. When students were asked to state what they felt about the romper, opinions ranged from “a joke” to “stupid” to “cool in certain applications.”

Clearly, opinions differ all around. But if one thing’s for certain, be prepared to bear witness to some RompHim’s towards the end of the summer, when the first batch of clothing drops in mid-July.

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