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Seether Releases Solid Rock Album

This past week, Seether releases its seventh full-length studio album: Poison the Parish.

The hard rock band from South Africa has been in the music business for over 15 years, once under the name “Saron Gas”. Their seventh album follows their well-received modern rock “Isolate and Medicate.” Overall, the fierce new album is a collection of vintage Seether music. The 12-track album is a mix of more hardcore/post-grunge songs like “Nothing Left” with rock “ballads” like “Against the Wall.”

“Poison the Parish” is a fun album to listen to. In recent years, it seemed that Seether had become more progressive with their style and lyric choice, but this album is different. It’s gritty, raw and powerful, similar to those of “Disclaimer” and “Karma and Effect”. The band stuck to what they know best: catchy riffs, simple solos, angelic harmonies and a masterful use of the english language.

If I had to choose one song to listen to it would either be “I’ll Survive” or “Let You Down”. The first of the two is a melting pot of what seems to be a rock acoustic song from a session of MTV Unplugged, followed by the the overdrive and gain heavy chorus/bridge of a heavy rock/grunge song. The latter of the two, is pure power and angst. Similar to that of “Remedy” from their 2005 album “Karma and Effect”, “Let You Down” is a ferocious track to listen to, and is certainly some of their best work.

One of my favorite parts about this album is that it can’t be pinned under one certain genre. Some songs may be Metal/ Alternative Metal along with some Grunge, Nirvana-like tracks. This album is also is unique in that the lead singer, Shaun Morgan, produced the whole album on his own. Morgan has been very outspoken about his disdain for the current music industry and the culture surrounding it. Through this album, and his first endeavor as a producer, Morgan has provided a somewhat anti-culture that rejects current music standards.

Seether is currently on their Poison the Parish World Tour and recently played at the Charlotte Motor Speedway here in North Carolina.

Poison the Parish is available for download and streaming on Itunes, Google Play,and Spotify.


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