When should you start studying for finals?

A tried-and-true method for studying is using flashcards. Sites such as Quizlet lets you create and use flashcards from your phone or computer. Photo courtesy of Mariana Herrera.

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, many students have found themselves in a state of constant procrastination. While many may have started to relax due to the impending summer, they have managed to forget about another looming event: final exams.

Unless you have senior exemptions, the chances are that up to 25% of your final grade relies on how you do on your final exam. The reality of the situation hasn’t quite sunken for some students though.

“I don’t study for finals. I’m lazy as heck. If I were to study for finals, it would be the night before,” said Ashtynn Grlj, a junior at Leesville.

“I think I’ve actually done that before. I stayed up the whole entire night cramming for AP Human Geo. I got a 90 on it though, so I passed the class with a B.”

Some students, on the other hand, only start studying when the teachers start to review in class. “I basically just start whenever I get the review packet,” said Meghan Ford, another eleventh grader here at Leesville. The problem with this is that teachers might not review in class, or even provide a study guide.

“Definitely don’t cram. You won’t retain anything,” said Sra. Sollie, a Spanish teacher here at Leesville, when asked about advice for studying for finals.

“I would tell my students to give themselves at least a week, and do a little bit for each class every night, instead of cramming the night before. In Spanish III there are so many topics that I try to tell them to do one chapter per night,” she went on to say.

Most students a have of similar train of thought. Ashley McCauley, a sophomore, beings to study around a week before the start of exams. “I start [at this time] because I don’t like to do it when I have homework in other classes. You know how at the end of the year it starts to die down? Like that I have more time to study for finals rather than try to cram it in with the homework I already have,” she said.

Regardless of whether you start to study a month before or you stay up cramming the night of, the fact remains that your final exams could make or break your grade — so it’s better to start sooner rather than later.


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