The Benefits of College Visits

Going on a tour of a college can expose prospective students to the campus atmosphere. On tours, people can view class buildings, such as Tillman Hall at Clemson University. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Tysiac)

Before deciding on a college to attend, many high school students travel to different schools and take tours. College visits can be very beneficial to students, as they can give them an idea of what the atmosphere is like at certain schools.

There’s only so much information you can learn about a college online and in brochures. Visiting schools allow students to experience college life first hand.

Many college tours begin with a presentation from a school representative. The speech may include information such as the history of the school and current, general facts about the college.

Proceeding the presentation is a tour of the campus, led usually by a current student. The tour guide leads people around the college, pointing out places such as the student union, class buildings, and sports facilities. In some cases, people may attend a class or talk to professors while on a tour to learn more about the curriculum and education.

Aside from the tour, people can schedule meetings with school faculty members such as the admissions and financial aid officers to ask any questions. It is also essential to check out the dining halls and activities offered at the school.

Students have found that going on college visits is helpful in the school selection process. Lexie Burns, a Leesville graduate who just finished her freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, said that visiting colleges was beneficial because it helped her understand the different aspects of each campus.

“What helped me was seeing the size of the campus and seeing how students go about their day while classes are in session,” said Burns.

Burns stated that the most important part of going on a college visit is learning what the experience would be like attending the school.

“You are finding out if you are comfortable on the campus or not,” said Burns.

For high school students wanting to attend college, visiting different schools can help you get a feel for each campus and learn more information about each college first hand.


  1. Visiting the college before you choose it can help you make the right choice.On-the-spot investigation is really necessary when you need make any choice.


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