Honor Roll Students Receive Lunch from Sponsors

The bulletin board in the main lobby contains lists of A and A/B Honor Roll students for each grade. To find out if you can receive lunch or a snack, check the board for your name. (Photo courtesy of Erin Darnell)


The Leesville High School PTSA has partnered with various sponsors to provide students who earned A Honor Roll last quarter lunch on November 29 and December 1. A/B Honor Roll students will also be rewarded with a treat. A Honor Roll students will receive a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and Which Wich chips. A/B Honor Roll students will receive a cookie provided by the Foods Department.

Ginger Mann is the Vice President of the Academic Booster Committee of the PTSA, the committee that organized the lunches. “The Academic Boosters Committee wanted to offer a more substantial reward to students making honor roll. We know how hard it is to achieve such

an honor,” said Mann in an email.

This lunch would not be possible without the help of Leesville sponsors: Chick-Fil-A, Which Wich, Moes, Subway and the LRHS Foods Department for the food and funding. “[The] vendors have contacted our committee and wanted to celebrate LRHS student academic success, and the lunches seemed to be the perfect partnership to meet the vendors’ goals as well as the Academic Boosters’ goals,” said Mann, responding via email.

Students at Leesville are excited about the opportunity to be rewarded for their grades. Cecelia Marks is a sophomore on the A Honor Roll. “It’s a pleasant way to get rewarded for our hard work,” said Marks.

To receive the food, students must go to the Murphy Building lobby; freshmen and seniors on Tuesday, November 29 and sophomores and juniors on Thursday, December 1. A Honor Roll students will receive an invitation and A/B Honor Roll students can find their name on the bulletin board in the Main Building lobby.


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