Spanish Club Organizes Clothing Drive

Spanish club held a clothing drive to benefit families in need. All clothes donated will go to a clothing closet in Durham. (Photo courtesy of Hannah Comeskey)

To benefit the community during the Thanksgiving season, November 14 through the 21, Spanish club held a clothing drive for a clothing closet in Durham. Sponsored by Braggtown Baptist Church, the drive is to help families in need.

Kelly Stephenson, Leesville senior, volunteers periodically at the church’s clothing closet. After volunteering one day, she noticed that a lot of families that had young children — as well as high school students — were going home empty handed because they didn’t have sizes to fit their children.

Young children grow out of their clothes quickly, so most of the clothes donated to the clothing closet are toddler and child sizes. While it’s great for families with younger children, there is a need for clothes that fit teenagers.

“This is stuff [students] no longer need, and unfortunately people might throw out. Instead, they can see that people can benefit from our stuff that doesn’t inconvenience us. We just have to carve time out of our lives to figure out what we don’t want anymore and what’s nice enough to pass down to somebody else,” said Craig Ross, Leesville Spanish teacher and Spanish club adviser.

With plenty of donations from students and staff, the Spanish club was able to provide the clothing closet with clothes that would fit their teenaged customers.

Stephenson said, “[The best part about the clothing drive is] seeing people’s faces when they see that we actually have clothing that fits their kids. I’m hoping that people in Spanish club will come volunteer there because a lot of the people that go to the clothing closet speak Spanish.”

Starting off the holiday season, the clothing drive was a great way to help families who may need it this winter.


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