New Books Arrive in the Media Center

Some of the new books are displayed on the shelves in the front of the media center. Some of these books have been very much anticipated by Leesville students. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Stoflet)

New books sit ready for check out in the Leesville Library. These books include new reference books, new books from some of the series already in the media center, and more. Most of the books are fiction, but there are a total of 69 new books of all types.

What some Leesville students may not know is the process by which Wendy Dragone, the Media Department Chair, decides what books are ordered and how she obtains them. She does this 3-4 times a year.

First, she chooses which books are accepted into the library. Anyone can recommend books on the media center website, and they can be bought for the media center and put into the collection. Also, if the first book of a series was very popular, then Dragone will take the next step and buy the second book or even the rest of the series. If they have a series, but some of the books are missing, then she goes ahead and orders whatever is missing. Lastly, she will read reviews and top ten lists of what books teens would read.

As long as they don’t already have it, it isn’t inappropriate, and it isn’t too expensive, the media center will buy the book. The recommendation can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few months before it is acknowledged.

“We don’t always order in December or anything like that. It’s just when we have time and money to put together an order, that’s when an order gets put in,” said Dragone. When it is time to buy the books, they order from a local bookstore, or they receive donations.

Students are checking the books out fast, and most only have one new copy, so Leesville students better hurry and get their hands on one of these new books.


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