Trip to Spain and Italy 2018

The interest meeting for the trip was supposed to take place Wednesday, October 28 at 7:00 pm but was cancelled due to Ross being out because of an illness. It has been rescheduled to 7:00 pm on Wednesday, November 2 at 7613 Tylerton Dr, 27613. Photo of Rome used with permission of Isabella Salazar.

Although it may be the fall of 2016, it is never too soon to think about what you’re going to do the summer of 2018. One option that has recently come up is travelling around the Mediterranean with at least 40 other Leesville Students.

There will be stops at Rome, Assisi, Florence, and Barcelona.

“We debated long and hard [about where we were going to travel]. We knew that we wanted to provide students with an opportunity to practice their newly acquired language skills. We have a very enthusiastic spanish-speaking community here at Leesville, so that’s the reason we wanted to go to Spain. We chose Italy because nobody at Leesville Road High School has taken a trip to Italy. So we knew that that would be exciting. Plus, I’m a history teacher, and Mr. Hunt’s a history teacher, and it’s Rome. It kind of speaks for itself,” said Angela Scioli, a social studies teacher who is going on the trip. Heather Dinkenor and Andy Hunt are two other social studies teacher that will be attending the trip.

The man behind the trip is Craig Ross, a Spanish teacher and the head of the Spanish department. “He has gone on these trips as a chaperone, then as an organizer, well over seven times. He is the one who has the direct relationship with EF [Educational Tours] tours, which is the company we work with,” said Scioli.

The goal is at least 40 students signing up to go, which Scioli admitted is a rather ambitious number, considering it is not an inexpensive trip. “The more students that go, the more chaperones that get to go, and the more exciting it is. If you get 40 kids to go, then you get an entire bus, an entire tour, all with each other. It’s just more convenient and a little more comfortable,” said Scioli.

“I really would recommend going [on this trip]. It really gives you a whole new perspective… on the ways our country is unique and how new we are [compared] to other countries, and how they have achievements that also need to be recognized,” said Scioli.

“I loved it,” said Anna Pooler, a junior who went on the trip last year. “It was really cool to be outside of the US without my parents and seeing other cultures and other parts of the world. I would definitely recommend it.”

The trip will take 10 days out of the third and fourth week of June of 2018. The exact dates will be finalized a few months before the trip.


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